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Like most women, I love going to the nail salon to get my gel nails applied but when it comes time to removing them I can never be bothered going back just to have someone else take them off. Aside from the included items in the kit (which will last you an average of 10 sets of gel removal) you will need some aluminium foil and 1 cotton ball (or a small piece of cotton wool if you have it in sheet form).
Rip or cut the foil into 10 pieces, each one large enough to be wrapped around your finger tip twice. If you have any additional nail polish or top coat on over your gels remove it with nail polish remover as you would normally. Straight away place a piece of foil over your nail, wrap it around tight and then squeeze using the palm of your other hand so the foils crunches around your finger. Heat will make the process run a little quicker so if you have a heat pack or hot water bottle put it over the nails once all the nails are wrapped. There are lots of factors that will determine how long it takes for the gel remover to lift the gel.
Using the same piece of cotton and foil I took off the nail I resoaked the cotton and wrapped it over my nail again with the foil. When the gel is off all 5 nails go wash your hands with warm water and use the brush on the other end of the removal tool (or a regular nail brush) to scrub off any residue left behind on your nails. Finish off by filing any fakes on your free edge, slather with hand cream and you are done!
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Store your gel and creme liners upside down to preserve moisture and prevent them from dying out.
Spot clean your makeup brushes after each use and thoroughly shampoo weekly to avoid build-up.
Stiletto styles are slowly sweeping across the country and many new clients are leaving local haunts in spiked-tipped nails just to try out this edgy, new look. I practically jumped for joy (okay, there was definite jumping involved) when I heard that Sally Hansen was rolling out their own line of at-home gel manicure products. The Sally Hansen Salon Gel Polish Gel Manicure Starter Kit makes an at-home gel manicure so easy. My nails feel silky smooth, the finish is shiny and luxe, and so far, they pack serious staying power.

Sally Hansen’s Salon Gel Polish™ is a professional at-home gel system that delivers the salon experience at a great value. Also – I’m hosting my very first giveaway this week and would love for you to check it out!! I am dying to try this…I LOVE gel manis and would love to try doing it at home myself…are they for sale in stores yet? Removing them DIY at home can be risky because that is when damage to the nail is more likely to occur, however, if you do it correctly you can keep your nice long new nails without any tears. It contains the following necessary items but you can use your own supplies of the same items. You don’t need to noticably reduce the length of your nail, just a good few swipes should do it (moving the file in ONE direction only.
You want a piece big enough to just cover your nail and not have any over flow on to the skin.
Any acetone nail polish remover will work but the length of time to keep it on will vary because every nail polish remover will have a different percentage of acetone. The foil does loosen a bit while you are waiting for it to soak so you want to make it as tight as possible, without breaking your finger.
15 to 20 minutes is the average and after this time you should remove the first nail you start with to see if the gel has completely separated. As with my nail below, It looked all set to come off so I used the removal tool to push beneath the gel to remove what was already lifted. Once that is done I recommend you apply a nail strengthener such as Bio Sculpture Executive Base or Revitanail, followed by a good slathering of a thick hand cream when the nails are dry.
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I know tutorials aren’t my usual thing but I remove my gels often enough that I thought I can share this one. With techs having such a fun time experimenting with the daring design, new art is popping up every day. After pinching the tip to get a nice C-curve, apply red glitter acrylic and wait for it to lose its shine.

Remove dust and apply a thin layer of self-leveling clear builder gel (Young Nails’ Flex works great), but do not cure. Once you’ve painted two even coats of color onto your nails, paint a clear coat and dry all fingers in the LED lamp once last time. Compared to regular nail polish, this gel polish gives you high-gloss, mirror shine color that lasts for up to 2 weeks without dry time, chipping and smudging. The opinions expressed herein are those of the author and are not indicative of the opinions or positions of Sally Hansen. Today I am going to share my tutorial on how I remove my Bio Sculpture gel nails at home, and I will be doing it to the awesome Missoni inspired gel NOTD.
Some people will do it until there is no colour left but this is too far and you can damage the nail. You can buy 100% pure acetone from a hardware store for a few dollars a litre (budget friendly if you plan on doing it a lot). Place the piece of soaked cotton wool over your nail (remember to keep it away from the skin as best as possible) and leave a little over hanging at the tip. Try to unwrap the foil instead of ripping it off because if the gel hasn’t come off you will need to rewrap it.
As soon as I felt resistance I knew there was remaining gel that needed to be soaked for longer. Tidy up any flaky bits on the free edge that may have resulted from previously filing to break the seal (they will pop up after you have scrubbed your nails). Apply the Cuticle Conditioner (or your favourite cuticle oil) and massage into the nails and cuticles.
It’s important not to cure before applying the white and red because the uncured clear gel will hold the colors in place. If you do not have the patience to soak and wait then go to your salon for them to remove it (for some reason you never really notice when you have to sit and wait for it to be removed when someone else is doing it!). The Bio Sculpture Cuticle Conditioner has little blue moisture beads that burst when you rub it in.

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