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In fact, the good folks at GoodBelly are giving away a cute cotton tote bag and a VIP coupon so you can try a GoodBelly product on the house. To provide feedback or ask a question about our company, a store or a product, please visit our Customer Service page. For more information about posting comments to our blog, please see our Comment Posting Guidelines.
I would live to know what health snacks I could eat while watching the Superbowl next weekend.
I live in San Antonio (far NW) and my husband and I are visiting Whole Foods today for the first time.
I'd love to try the GoodBelly products especially for recovering from the flu that made the rounds here last week.

So, after an evening of munching and crunching my way through an entire football game, I’m sure my belly will be asking for a break! To enter the giveaway just leave a comment below by Friday, February 4th and we’ll pick ten winners at random. I usually just go for the dips and chips, but there must some good healthy snacks that will not pile on the calories and still taste great. I am going to forward your page to my daughter, who also lives in San Antonio, whose husband is from Pennsylvania and is a huge Steelers fan.
When it come to the superbowl, I live for the commercials and the always entertaining halftime.
This is especially embarrassing since I live in Texas (football is HUGE here) and the big game is in Dallas this year.

I've never heard of the burritos before so I will definately be on the look out for them.
However, just because I don’t follow the game doesn’t mean I won’t be tuned in to my TV come that fateful first Sunday in February.
Plus, the game is a great excuse to get together with friends, whoop and holler (I usually cheer for whoever has the ball at the moment) and eat snacks for hours on end. This year, we’re going to have a few people over and I plan on making either this great turkey chili or these stuffed potato skins and a big bowl of guacamole.

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