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What would you do if nothing stood in the way of you feeling your best, most-energized self?
There are billions of microorganisms in your gut, and maintaining the balance of this natural flora can help support your digestive system, support your immune system—even impact your mood.
The quality of Florastor is backed by more than 60 years of clinical research and the recommendation of doctors in more than 100 countries. When you undergo antibiotic treatment, it can kill off your body's natural flora, which can lead to negative health effects. Florastor, unlike most bacterial probiotics, does not need to be refrigerated and is shelf-stable for up to three years. Florastor is naturally derived from the skin of lychee and mangosteen fruits, and is both gluten-free and vegetarian.

The same product that helps adults achieve digestive balance is also safe for kids two months and older.†7 Simply break open the capsule, and the contents can be mixed into liquids or semisolid food. Not only does that make it more convenient to take every day, but it makes it a great companion for travelers.
There's nothing like having a body work optimally, and there's no probiotic quite like Florastor®.
Taking Florastor daily can encourage the growth of your body's natural flora,†3 helping you achieve digestive balance and the whole-body health we all desire. Our patented dehydration process preserves the active ingredient in Florastor while eliminating the need for refrigeration. Florastor, though, is yeast-based, and can resist the impact antibiotics have on your intestinal tract†6 and continue to work on promoting your natural flora†3.

It's the #1 probiotic worldwide,*1 it's the #1 pharmacists' probiotic choice,2 and it offers a host of unique benefits.
Taking Florastor daily can help aid with healthy digestion,†3 maintain intestinal balance,†4 and even support your immune system†5.

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