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Natural Marketing Institute’s (NMI) Health and Wellness Trends Survey (2008 HWTD) reported that U.S.
Probiotics are live microorganisms that are similar to beneficial microorganisms found in your gastro intestinal tract.
A healthy lower intestine should contain at least 80-85% friendly bacteria or probiotics to prevent growth of disease causing micro-organisms like E. Poor eating habits, chlorinated drinking water, stress, use of antibiotics, medical treatments can destroy the gastrointestinal micro flora and allow harmful bacteria to multiply.  Thus, make the body susceptible to yeast and bacterial infection and other disorders including gas, cramping, or diarrhea. Probiotic supplements contain millions to billions of live bacteria to bolster and replenish levels of health promoting good microbes in your digestive tract.
Probiotic products are available in different formulations with Lactobacillus acidophilus, Bifidobacterium longum, Bifidobacterium infantis, Enterococcus faecium and other beneficial bacteria. The most numerous probiotic bacteria normally present in the small intestine are species of Lactobacilli. Probiotics are already present in our normal digestive system and generally recognized as safe (GRAS).
Before launching ofActivia probiotics were known by a small percentage of the population and natural product shoppers and healthcare professionals.But this is a good product for general good health. Vancouver Naturopathic Doctor : What does choosing a dog and choosing a probiotic have in common? June 24, 2011 by Dr Melanie DesChatelets, ND Leave a Comment In the last few decades, research on probiotics has grown exponentially.
Some of the lower quality probiotics only specify the genus and species and not the strain. Look for a known probiotic strain that has been tested in humans and known to confer the specific outcome you are looking for. Does this manufacturer ensure that strain-identification has been done, a process that ensures you have the strain of probiotic you are looking for?  Is the manufacturer diligent about the entire process ensuring that if a probiotic needs to be refrigerated it is from the moment it leaves their hands, through shipment and until the time it gets to your home?  Have they studied the probiotic to ensure it has a stable shelf life until expiry? If you would like more info, the International Scientific Association for Probiotics and Prebiotics (ISAPP) has been created to demystify some of complexities of this ever growing and expanding body of research. To be clear, probiotics are healthy bacteria that live in your intestine and help your body fight sickness, improve circulation, and a variety of other physiological functions.
The process of growing bacteria and making them suitable for human consumption is a fairly complex process that involves control over a number of different variables.

This process is usually done by a company that exclusively works with bacteria which then sells its probiotics to the supplement manufacturer that wants to use them in its products. Luckily there are several techniques food scientists and supplement manufacturers can use to render these problems (almost) obsolete. Mix the probiotics with digestive enzymes when adding them to a supplement. Digestive enzymes, particularly pepsin, help shield bacteria from the harsh conditions of the stomach and allow them to make their way into the gut. So adding probiotics into a greens powder or other powdered supplement isn’t a waste of time, even though it might seem that way at first glance.
If you’re buying a greens powder with probiotics you want to get one that has digestive enzymes and soluble fiber. About Jonathan BechtelOwner of Health Kismet, maker of Incredible Greens, a green superfood supplement that combines 35 different raw greens, herbs, probiotics, grasses and fruits into a sweet tasting powder. A receptionist answers 24 hours a day and if I'm available they'll transfer the call to me.
Jonathan Bechtel is health enthusiast and chief writer for Health Kismet, a nutritional supplement company that manufactures green, red and purple nutrient powders.
These products or any information contained within this site are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease. Our understanding of how they can influence our gut health as well as how they influence seemingly unrelated systems such as the immune system has been greatly refined.
Just as different vitamins play differing roles in the body, we also know that different probiotics with different genus, species and strains do not have the same effects. In the same way, there may be a specific probiotic strain that is indicated for the outcome you are looking for. Recommending a dose is very difficult as it depends on the probiotic strain and the outcome you are looking for. I see so many patients taking probiotics but they have no idea what strain or for what outcome.
If so, talking to someone who is well versed in the different strains of probiotics can get you inline with the research ensuring it has the best chance at improving the outcomes you are looking for. Regarding greens powders,I’ve noticed that lots of greens products contain probiotics in powdered form. However once you open the bottle it is inevitable that the density of the probiotics will start to go down due to exposure to moisture and oxygen.

For example, fermented foods such as Yoghurt and Kefir are sources of beneficial bacteria, a probiotic, which your body requires for health. Unfortunately, as research creates buzz, so does the marketing world and our shelves are popping up with probiotic labels everywhere. This step however is proving to be extremely important as we are learning that probiotics with the same genus and species but different strain can play different roles in your health and do not all confer the same benefits.
Has the strain you are taking been studied to assess its tolerability to the gastric acid of your stomach, the bile salts of your gallbladder and the digestives enzymes of your pancreas?
Next time you see the word probiotic I hope you can see through some of the hype of what might be good marketing versus some of the benefits the best of science has to offer today. Now I thought that beneficial bacteria andprobiotics are highly unstable or oxidative when exposed to air,light etc. For a right dose and selection of probiotics, I would encourage you to discuss with a personal health professional. For example, some are great hunter dogs others are better sled dogs while some are hypoallergenic dogs.
For overall intestinal and systemic health, the most basic recommendation in adults would be the periodic use of 15-30 billion of Lactobacillus acidophilus NCFM® (talk to your primary care giver). This current article builds on my last article explaining some of the research and the benefits of probiotics. Having a probiotic that doesn’t specify strain is like looking for a hunting dog but blindly buying a dog without knowing the breed. The ones that aren’t need to be formulated in capsule that will only dissolve in the lower gastrointestinal track.
It is known to have digestive tolerability and been shown to adhere to the human intestinal wall. There are over 6o studies on this specific strain demonstrating various beneficial outcomes for certain conditions.

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