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UNITY OF LIFE A STUDY OF CELLS Despite vast differences in appearance and ways of life, all living things have a unity of life.
Presentation on theme: "UNITY OF LIFE A STUDY OF CELLS Despite vast differences in appearance and ways of life, all living things have a unity of life.
MICROSCOPES 1590- The first microscope is built by Zacharias Janssen 1670’s Anton von Leeuwenhoek built a simple microscope that could magnify objects 270X. Phase-contrast microscope Allows observer to distinguish different structures within a cell, without staining, using light waves. 1839- Theodor Schwann (German zoologist) said “All animals are composed of cells” 1839- Johannes Purkinje- (Czech physiologist) discovered cytoplasm.
CELLS There are two basic types of cells Prokaryotic and Eukaryotic Prokaryotic cells- (also called prokaryotes) belong to the kingdoms Eubacteria & Archaebacteria, are very small, 1-10 micrometers, have no nucleus and few organelles. Cell Organelles Tiny structures within a cell that perform various, specialized functions, such as transporting materials, building important biological substances, secreting products, releasing energy from food molecules, etc.

First Sightings of Cells Around 1590, the invention of the microscope made it possible for people to discover and learn about objects on the micro (µ) scale. Prokaryotic cells Cells that do not contain a nucleus & membrane bound organelles Prokaryotes contain DNA, but only a single, circular molecule Which kingdoms contain living organisms with only prokaryotic cells? PROKARYOTES UNICELLULAR ORGANISMS EXAMPLE= cyanobacteria Fossil 2 billion years old (left) and living (right). Eukaryotic cells Contain a nucleus and membrane- bound organelles More advanced – organelles allow specialized cell functions to take place in different parts of the cell at the same time Which kingdoms contain eukaryotic cells? Most cells have a: Cell Wall Cell wall Thick, rigid, mesh of fibers that surrounds the outside of the plasma membrane, protecting the cell and giving it support Which Kingdom does NOT have a cell wall?? The phospholipids create a sea in which other molecules can float, like apples floating in a barrel of water.

PRODUCED & ASSEMBLED IN THE NUCLEOLUS Many Proteins are produced by a specialized cell, e.g.
Proteins (AA chains) being made by ribosomes from mRNA Once amino acids bond together to form a chain, it is now a protein, and can be used by the body.
In more complex, multicellular organisms, the cells may perform more specialized functions, but all have certain features in common. Microscope is the combination of two words; "micro" meaning small and "scope" meaning view. It is necessary to discuss the instrument that allowed people to see cells in the first place!

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