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How to prevent and cope with tear stains, a commonly chronic condition in little white dogs. First, consult your vet to make sure the problem really is tear staining, and not abnormal eye discharge resulting from, say, an infection.
The situation only worsens when yeast proliferates in those moist under-eye areas, which are highly hospitable to yeast buildup.
One very effective way to reduce stain-causing yeast is to make sure your dog eats a wholesome, anti-inflammatory diet.
Another excellent way to prevent yeast buildup is by adding a probiotic supplement to your dog’s diet, Dr. If, like me, you also take a probiotic supplement every day, this is a great way to make sure you and your dog stay on the wagon together. There are also tried-and-true home remedies to help combat and prevent this prevalent problem, says Joan Weiskopf, author of Pet Food Nation and a respected breeder of champion Bedlington terriers, a canine breed that, if not cared for properly, is highly prone to tear staining. To keep the under-eye area clean, Weiskopf suggests using cotton balls saturated in contact lens saline solution made for sensitive eyes.
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Pure, safe, effective supplements for pets: At Nusentia our goal is to elevate pet nutrition to human standards and beyond. The signs of a healthy cat are unmistakable: bright eyes, playful character and a shiny coat. The phrase "as healthy as a horse" may be a common saying, but if you own a horse, you know there's much involved in your horse's health. Wiping and clipping the stained fur only goes so far — this is not merely a cosmetic problem.
Many over-the-counter remedies for tear stains do more harm than good, as they contain an antibiotic called tylosin. That means no grains (which promote inflammation) and plenty of meats and vegetables that are minimally processed and preferably raw, with no chemical preservatives. Yasson recommends a probiotic supplement that contains at least three or four different strains of organisms, plus a prebiotic. But if the guidelines for dosage-adjustment above sound too complicated, go ahead and procure a probiotic made specifically for pets. Also, if appearances matter for some special occasion (say your dog has a sitting scheduled with a pet portraitist), mix together equal parts milk of magnesia and lemon juice and corn starch to form a paste. At the Groomer’s Mall we listen to the voice of our customers and continue to add more products based on their experienced input and the feedback we receive.
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Tear staining is actually a sign of poor health, which needs to be addressed from the inside out. Doing so will restore optimal gastrointestinal flora by ensuring that the beneficial bacteria outnumber the bad bacteria in Spot’s gut. Gently but diligently apply this every day until you notice an improvement, making sure to wipe the area thoroughly clean with saline-soaked cotton balls after each application. Instead, serve food and water only in stainless steel or glass (Pyrex) bowls, and wash doggie dishes with soap and hot water thoroughly and often. Whether you are grooming your dog, cat, ferret, rabbit or horse we have products tested and recommended by professional groomers everywhere. Each supplement we make has been developed specifically for the pets they are intended and manufactured in the USA* under the highest GMP processes. Combine this with some love and attention, and you have the perfect recipe for keeping your best buddy happy and healthy.
RJX™ gives the benefit of impactful ingredients that support joints, bones and tissues and offers the relief horses need to keep active. Probiotics are also excellent for maintaining overall immune-system wellness, in people as well as pets.
When you buy a Nusentia product, rest assured with our 60 day 100% money back guarantee that your pet will be happier, healthier, and filled with natural energy.

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