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Disclosure: This shop has been compensated as part of a social shopper insights study for Collective Bias, however all thoughts and comments are completely my own. It sounds like you and I have the same digestive track issues, which is just weird, but then kinda great!!
Wow – I had no idea that Diet Cokes could affect you that way, that’s my drink of choice! I'm a professional blogger, social media consultant, and working mom of ten year old quadruplets and an eleven year old son. In a study of women over the age of 25 with persistent AV [acne vulgaris], approximately 82 percent failed therapy with multiple courses of antibiotics and 32 percent had relapsed after treatment with one or more courses of oral isotretinoin.
The one study that even touched this showed massive failure rate (82%) after multiple courses of antibiotics.
Not only are antibiotics a short-term fix, but they can actually cause long-term harm to your skin. The biggest problem with oral antibiotics is that they cause long-term disturbances in gut microflora.
Suppressing probiotic bacteria opens the door for harmful (pathogenic) bacteria and yeast (such as Candida) to grow in the gut. Candida albicans in another invader that takes advantage of the opportunity created by antibiotics.
Antibiotic treatment also increases the levels of antibiotic-resistant bacteria in the gut.
The point I’m making is that taking antibiotics you set yourself up for getting more acne in the future. If antibiotics cause disturbances in the gut flora, then taking probiotics should mitigate the damage.
Probiotics are also effective in preventing diarrhea that sometimes follows antibiotic therapy. Antibiotics are effective short-term treatments, but in majority of cases acne comes back with a vengeance. Antibiotics can cause long-term disturbances to the bacterial balance in the gut (gut microflora). Disturbances in the gut microflora allow harmful bacteria and Candida to colonize the digestive track. Probiotics, either as supplements or fermented foods, mitigate the damage antibiotics cause and allow the gut microflora to recover faster. Long-term ecological impacts of antibiotic administration on the human intestinal microbiota. Impact of topical clindamycin and systemic tetracycline on the skin and colon microflora in patients with acne vulgaris.
Impact of different antimicrobial agents on the colonisation resistance in the intestinal tract with special reference to doxycycline. Effect of Supplements with Bifidobacterium longum and Lactobacillus acidophilus on the Intestinal Microbiota during Administration of Clindamycin.
Lactobacillus acidophilus, Bifidobacterium lactis and Lactobacillus F19 prevent antibiotic-associated ecological disturbances of Bacteroides fragilis in the intestine.
Between Sal and I, there was little to no chance that the boys would end up with normal gut flora.
Kefir is the smooth, tart, refreshing cousin of yogurt, originating in Eastern Europe over 2000 years ago. Given my kids’ current affinity for all things beef, one of our current favorite meals is beef kabobs with kefir tzatziki. Some of the links on this site are affiliate links but I only link to products and businesses that I truly believe in. Every girl dreams of glowing skin from the moment she is old enough to understand the concept of beauty. ProbioSlim promotes healthy digestion by replenishing your gut with beneficial bacteria, but also supports weight loss with the help of prebiotics and Green Tea Extract. ProbioSlim aimed to design a supplement to not only deliver optimal digestive support, but also help people lose weight safely and naturally. Your gut is home to trillions of both good and bad bacteria that constantly fight for the control of your health. But ProbioSlim claims to work in more than one way to help you have a better quality of life as the probiotics supplement includes a potent weight loss formula.
As soon as ProbioSlim hits your digestive system, LactoSpore starts producing spore-forming probiotics in your gut, making sure it will survive all the way through to your intestines.
Natural EGCG extracted directly from green tea extract starts functioning and kickstarts the fat burning, giving a boost to the whole weight loss process.
LactoSpore starts growing in your colon, reducing gas, bloating, constipation, indigestion and diarrhea.
As you may know by now, probiotics come packed with many digestive, general health and immune-boosting benefits, including helping with gas, bloating, indigestion, discomfort, diarrhea, constipation or candida. Since probiotics are such a good addition to one’s diet, you may ask yourself why not just get your probiotics from foods such as yogurt?
The LactoSpore molecules are mainly made from Bacillus Coagulans, which is a digestion-improving probiotic strain that resembles Lactobacillus.
Probiotics are known for their role in fighting gas, bloating, indigestion, constipation, diarrhea, IBS or Crohn’s disease. EGCG is an extract from green tea leaves and it is known to boost thermogenesis and fat oxidation, effectively helping you burn more calories.
Papaya, fig and kiwi extracts can be thought of as prebiotics – offering nutrients and energy to the probiotics in LactoSpore. Since ProbioSlim contains probiotics, it may take up to 30 days to fully experience the benefits, as it takes time for the beneficial bacteria to colonize your digestive tract.
As with most supplements, if you are on other medications, pregnant or nursing, it is recommended you talk to your doctor before starting with ProbioSlim.
ProbioSlim surely contains the ingredients needed to boost weight loss, but there’s not much info about it. At the moment you can take advantage of the company’s offer and fight weight gain and digestive issues with a free 2-week sample. Enter your email address to subscribe to this blog and receive notifications of new posts by email.
I had a very poor diet from in utero throughout my childhood and yes, I have really bad teeth. Having exhausted all the possible contributing physical factors, Oscar, Zara (my two eldest children) and I are now trying EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques) and are tapping every night after our brushing and flossing. It is only their teeth that are doing poorly – Zara has decay on 4 teeth (all baby teeth as she has no permanent teeth yet) and Oscar has decay on 6 baby teeth and 2 permanent teeth. All I can conclude is that there has to be some other really decisive factor involved here.
Oh, one more thing I just have to share, for those of you who can’t afford modern dentistry, here’s how to give yourself a filling at home! Firstly, I think your own negative experience with problematic teeth may be making you hyper-sensitive about the potential problem with your (gorgeous) children. I think there is a lot of evidence that the wrong type of bacteria in the mouth are the causative agents behind cavities.
And when my own kids were little, I discovered that they really don’t have the dexterity to do a proper cleaning job until they are at least 9 or 10. I may have been a bit obsessive, but I very rarely let them go to bed without cleaning them, even on those special occassions when we have been extra busy or tired.
These may not be helpful ideas for you if there are other issues, but I just wanted to share my experience. Due to their minute size, nanoparticle minerals do not require digestion and they penetrate directly and pretty much instantly into the cells. We’ve only been doing this for 10 days, so too early to tell anything other than we all sleep more deeply and have not been waking to use the toilet in the night.
There has been some talk about the concentration of sugars in juices themselves – where there is no fiber really. Jini, I read this post and the comments with great interest but I have to say that what is prompting me to comment is the fact that you have been pregnant or breastfeeding for about 8 years.
There is a holistic dentist who now advocates a particular regime for dental care, her name is Dr. For what it’s worth, on the EFT, I have read at least one case (I subscribe to the EFT newsletters) of a mother who did surrogate EFT for her son’s cavity(ies) and had measurable and surprising results! You know, I think someone should have figured out how to grow new teeth by this time – I mean sharks can do it. I have also read of some mothers who’ve been advised by dentists that do homeopathic stuff to take calcarea flourica and calcarea phosphorica cell salts for rebuilding dentin (pulp?) and enamel. But you make a salient point, if we solved any of these health issues an entire profession would be virtually out of business.
My kids were on Campbell’s diet for about a year (basically the SCD diet) that along with taking HCL was key. We aren’t as strict right now but the grains are rare, one piece of fruit a day, stevia for most sweetners.
I just wanted to pass on some relatively new concerns with nanoparticles that would make me hestitate on implementing their use at this point and time. Incidentally, the relative I have with Crohn’s had the most awful teeth as a youngster, and the extensive diet of apple juice and rubber sucker was blamed. And yes, I was malnourished from a low-nutrient diet in utero onwards, had 10 mercury amalgam fillings by age 14, had 4 bicuspids removed at 18 and wore braces for 3 years – I was just like the twin in the top set of photos (see Twin Study in the article).
Animals and humans treated with LIPUS regrew teeth and increased bone density of their jaws equivalent to those of teenagers.
I also find it interesting the link Larmas makes between tooth decay and osteoporosis – which was my immediate intuitive line of inquiry a few years ago. First nest boxes I have ever had and overall they are pretty good, but there are a lot of things I have problems with. Fly strike usually seen in sheep, not chickens and sometimes in humans in tropical climates. The problem is that wild maggots are not germfree, unlike the specially bred and disinfected laboratory maggots used in medicine. Anyone who thinks maggots are not a bad thing have not dealt with them in an animal with fly strike.
ETA: My hen looked a lot lot like her injury on the side as the rooster had dug his claws and the skin had ripped down like that.

No beards, although one that we lost to a predator was white and gray (blended, not spotted) with kind of a "lions mane" around her face and a perpetual surprised or dunce look.
Adapted from the book Wild Fermentation: The Flavor, Nutrition, and Craft of Live-Culture FoodsWild Fermentation. I did measure my salt out beforehand and add it as I chopped, as I am a novice at this sort of thing.
I packed one pint jar for the fridge and froze the rest, along with some red kraut I got from a friend.
As I understand it, freezing slows down the organisms responsible for the fermentation but doesn’t kill them, so the kraut is still alive, unlike canning, where the whole goal is to kill any live bacteria in the product. The same beneficial microorganisms that create lactic acid in the colon are naturally present in all vegetables and are responsible for turning raw cabbage into highly-digestible sauerkraut. When we eat unpasteurized sauerkraut we reap the benefits of absorbing an entire ecosystem into our own internal ecosystem. Another way unpasteurized sauerkraut benefits digestion in the stomach is by assisting the pancreas. Unpasteurized sauerkraut is very high in viable enzymes that work just like the ones from the pancreas. Posts may contain affiliate links, which allow me to earn a commission to support the site at no extra cost to you.
Annette, I haven't had any troubles with mold, either in crocks or in mason jars with a lid, except for one batch of pickled cucumbers. Check back later tonight when the new link-up is running to see if you were one of the top 3 featured posts!
I like the plate because it helps to ensure all the vegetable matter stays down below the brine level much better than the water bag alone. I drink a lot of Diet Coke and the sweetener in it acts the same way as dairy so despite my efforts to avoid dairy, the Diet Coke gets me all the time!!
I enjoy sharing shopping, fashion, beauty and travel tips as well as recipes and reviews from a frugal shop-a-holic with expensive tastes! And most acne patients walk out from dermatologist’s office with a prescription for course of oral antibiotics.
Pretty much all studies just say that patients improved so and so many percentages after so and so many weeks.
This happens because antibiotics kill the beneficial, or probiotic, bacteria from your gut. The number of bacteria in the gut is estimated to be 10 times larger than the number of cells in your body.
The so-called probiotic bacteria for example assist in digestion of food and creation of certain nutrients. Harmful bacteria cause damage to the gut wall and lead leaky gut syndrome (medical term: intestinal permeability) and causes small gaps to open between cells in the intestinal barrier.
Candida can cause further gut damage and cause sensitivity reactions that show up on the skin.
Without any disturbances (such as antibiotics, chemotherapy or excessive stress) the microflora remains fairly stable.
So it’s possible that the gut microflora never really recovers after long-term antibiotic use.
I can promise that in 10 minutes (the time it takes you to read the next 2 articles) acne finally starts making sense - and you know how to boot it out of your life. I do my best to use credible sources, but medical research is complex and I can't guarantee the information on this site is error-free. Lifeway Kefir contains 12 live and active probiotic cultures that support the immune system and balance digestive health. However, as we get older and reality starts to set in, the dream of having flawless and glowing skin seems to grow more and more distant.
ProbioSlim expertly combined probiotics with weight loss ingredients, offering the best of both worlds in one package. But sometimes the bad bacteria can take over, which usually results in intestinal discomfort, pain and even embarrassment for you. The safe and natural ingredients (from what we can tell) work to help you get in shape for that highly awaited reunion, date or summer vacation.
The addition of beneficial bacteria starts improving your whole digestive and immune health. Well, while yogurt is (along with kefir) widely recognized as a good way to add probiotics to your diet, you may end up doing more harm than good to your health.
Plus, let’s face it – taking ProbioSlim is as easy as carrying a bottle with you, while with yogurt you always have to think about refrigeration. This strain can safely reach your colon, as it was created to resist the journey through the acidic environment of the stomach. It also contains caffeine, allowing you to exercise so you can achieve your weight loss goals faster. However, ProbioSlim claims some customers have experienced positive results in just a few days. Follow this link to the manufacturer and make sure you get the right product, not some fake stuff. D, raw vegetable juices, yoghurt, raw milk and cheese, animal fats, omega-3, raw salmon, salmon roe, olive oil, coconut oil, organic meat, cod liver oil, multi-vitamins, whole grains, etc. They have had craniosacral and osteopathic treatment from birth and their spines, legs, alignment are all excellent. Many (if not most) children with downright rotten baby teeth have perfectly healthy and hardy adult teeth. Studies have shown that there are compounds in green tea as well as licorice (the real stuff – not that artificial stuff made of corn syrup) that help prevent cavities.
So I developed a routine that allowed time for giving them the support they need in cleaning their teeth.
I suspect the honey might be more relevant than the cleaning, since your kids cleaning wouldn’t be any worse than the rest of the population.
Great diet since my son was in my belly, breastfed till he was 3, no sugar, and no white bread, pasta, rice, only brown.
After brushing and flossing, we are holding them in our mouth and swishing around our teeth for as long as we can and then swallowing. Why isn’t someone researching that relentlessly, because that would really solve all our problems.
Two dentists wanted my daughter in the hospital under general anesthesia to do dental work; we kept shopping until we found someone who said he could do the work with nothing more than a little nitrous oxide. My husband and I are on Bee’s diet that is very restrictive, but some day yet hope to get my kids on it.
Also, most calcium supplements are only 10-15% absorbed – the rest is not excreted in urine and causes collateral damage in the body (arteries, kidneys). I had attended a presentation of the endocrine disrupting effects of nanosilver particles on thyroid function – which occurs with doses far below that used in new washing machines that use this material as an antibacterial agent. I also found some info on how the nano silver in socks, sport clothes and washing machines is altering the algae, bacteria etc. It seems that the same changes in immune function that predisposes one to inflammatory gut problems are at play for problems with tooth decay – which apparently has a lot to do also with inflammation. But before I get into all that, I have to report the result of my dental checkup (2 days ago) – the ONLY thing I have changed in my life, diet, etc.
Yes, the IBD link makes perfect sense and fits in nicely with the the other correlations the med literature has found between IBD and sugar consumption, refined carb consumption etc. Another benefit of regrowing teeth is that mercury fillings and other metal restorations can be removed without the risk of exposure and the cost although tooth extractions can be traumatizing even if told they will regrow.
Albert Schatz and his theory, but also leads us deeper into the variables that may be at work in dental caries (tooth decay).
They keep eating and boring holes into the host animal (they do not stop with dead tissue) and the animal will eventually die. We have another like her (Peckers) and two basic white ones (Camilla and Lightbulb) and a salt and pepper (Dottie) (my kids each named their own, Lightbulb's owner is 3).
From my research, it seems there is more of a chance that they could harm her than help her since we don't know what kind they are.
If you are interested in this let me know and I could further explain or maybe a vet can prescribe some over the phone. She could maybe be a black Australorp(Australian), which is a breed that lays lots of eggs. If you are interested in regrowing her feathers later on when the maggots are gone the article I posted back on page one would help for regeneration of skin and feathers.
The salt pulls water out of the cabbage (through osmosis), and this creates the brine in which the cabbage can ferment and sour without rotting. Pack just a bit into the crock at a time and tamp it down hard using your fists or any (other) sturdy kitchen implement. Continue doing this periodically (as often as you think of it, every few hours), until the brine rises above the cover. I generally store the crock in an unobtrusive corner of the kitchen where I won’t forget about it, but where it won’t be in anybody’s way.
The lactic acid from the sauerkraut creates an environment where the introduced beneficial bacteria can reproduce and in turn create more lactic acid. A friend with chronic pancreatitis who has been taking prescription enzymes for the last five years was able to reduce his dosage by eating fresh sauerkraut on a daily basis. I never really took the time to look at probiotics, but this is inspiring…I think I’ll have to get some soon!!
But nobody seems have bothered to follow up and see what happens after the antibiotic treatment. And with every new study the importance of gut microflora in health is becoming more and more evident.
Even after you wipe it out with antibiotics it does try to return to pre-treatment balance. I don’t mean to sound alarmist saying this, and we really don’t know whether minor disturbances have any real health effects. The subjects were divided into 3 groups: 2 different probiotic supplements and a placebo group.
It is naturally gluten free, 99% lactose free, contains no artificial sweeteners and is rich in calcium. Here are three really fast and simple face masks for perfect skin that you can make with ingredients from your kitchen.1.

Benefiting from digestive system support while trying to shed a few pounds sounds ideal, so choosing ProbioSlim could prove an excellent decision for overall health.
With ProbioSlim you may finally catch a break and alleviate digestive issues such as gas, constipation, bloating and or diarrhea. This is because yogurt contains small quantities of probiotics, a reduced number of strains and it’s loaded with calories and sugar. The manufacturer says it may take up to 3 months for some people to enjoy the full benefits of the supplement. However, if you decide to take a risk on it, it may prove to be a surprise and really deliver on its promises. Ara Elmajian, in an attempt to figure out WHAT those of us with poor teeth can do to heal ourselves.
My youngest will be going to the dentist the end of the month for his first check up, and he is the only one who received raw milk from weaning, so it will be interesting to see if his teeth are doing better (there is no visible decay on his). The kids have been cavity-free for 3 years now: Nanoparticle minerals held in the mouth every night, combined with low sugar and all the other dietary things we do, Vit. And like sugar, it is really only if you are having it more than 3 or 4 times a day, like every hour another cup of tea with sugar in it. I’m working with Jim Ehmke (who I’ve done a teleseminar and podcast with for JPT Wellness Circle) so am excited to see what shifts! Even if you can argue that it hardens enamel, the whole-body ramifications (poisoning) are not worth it.
These minerals also have a pH of 12, so nice from that angle as well – inducing alkalinity. I have posted that question on her blog and asked if she also has any references for further info on this issue. Also, she says that it would take 60 grams of xylitol a day before it would be considered excessive – 10 x her recommendation. Nanoparticle toxicity and profile are quite different from its macroparticle equivalent (i.e. Given your amazing results with bone support for your teeth, I wonder how strong an effect it must have had on your overall skeletal strength – which is something that all people with inflammatory gut issues should be conscious of.
It is sort of a chicken and an egg query – people with misaligned teeth and such have a harder time keeping them free of bugs and gum disease as they tend to provide niches that are hard to reach and provide a perfect breeding ground. They were expected to be in the market by late 2009 but unfortunately, they haven’t yet. Unless you know for certain that the species is one used in medical biotherapy, do not let the maggots get inside of her! Although from her head looking quite full she almost looks like she has some Asian influence to her.
The salt also has the effect of keeping the cabbage crunchy, by inhibiting organisms and enzymes that soften it.
Other vegetables I’ve added include onions, garlic, seaweed, greens, Brussels sprouts, small whole heads of cabbage, turnips, beets, and burdock roots.
This weight is to force water out of the cabbage and then keep the cabbage submerged under the brine. You could also store it in a cool basement if you want a slower fermentation that will preserve for longer. I start when the kraut is young and enjoy its evolving flavor over the course of a few weeks.
I remove the remaining kraut from the crock, repack it with fresh salted cabbage, then pour the old kraut and its juices over the new kraut.
Hydrochloric acid breaks down food so it can be more easily absorbed by the small intestine.
But this is just the beginning; there are so many more reasons to include my favorite food in your diet!
It's my goal to step up fermenting this winter and I already have a posting in mind for a little later.
While antibiotics are generally safe, there’s now good reason to believe they may make you more prone to future acne breakouts. Acne forums are filled with posts complaining how acne came roaring back  after the treatment stopped. But what’s clear is that most antibiotics cause at least some damage to the beneficial bacteria in the gut. After 7 days the placebo group had no bifidobacteria (a strain of probiotic bacteria) left. Lifeway uses milk from grass fed, GMO free cows that are not treated with pesticides, antibiotics, or synthetic growth hormones. Plain Yogurt + HoneyThis effortless de-stress face mask is perfect for any modern day woman.
However, my other two received raw cheese from a young age and have both had raw milk for the last 2 years – since which they have developed new decay. I had a stool they stood on and they rested their heads against the wall, so it was comfortable for both of us. What I am saying is there is some other factor at work here – and I really need to figure it out! The fact that she focuses on inducing alkalinity in the mouth means that we may really be on the right track with the oral nanoparticle mineral soaking.
Yes, I am aware they are highly experimental, so I’m really staying tuned and going with my gut on this one. So I had spent some time going over theories with him and also immediately looked at which minerals are essential for rebuilding bones and could we apply that to teeth?
You can also add fruits (apples, whole or sliced, are classic), and herbs and spices (caraway seeds, dill seeds, celery seeds, and juniper berries are classic, but anything you like will work).
It is also the most important defense we have against harmful bacteria and parasites often present in food. And the damage is more likely to be extensive than minor – because most probiotic bacteria can’t resist antibiotics.
The subjects receiving the probiotic supplements showed much smaller disturbances to the gut microflora and experienced fewer side-effects. According to experts, probiotics in your beauty products can give you supple and brighter skin.
I know many families where one child has no decay, or only one cavity and the other has 4-8 fillings. Some kids who eat almost all processed food and massive amounts of candy have only 1 or 2 cavities. There is a critical pH at which decay occurs and a recovery after eating any sugar or honey, which if it is frequently tipped back towards acid, even with a very small amount of sugar, is an aggravating factor. None of my four kids have any cavities, even the one with Crohn’s, or the other one with IBS, so it was worth the effort.
His dentist says that he has very deep groves and that’s where he is getting his cavaties, also it seems frequent snacking has not helped, apparently the seliva ph changes after you eat and affects the teeth and takes a while to go back to normal, so if the child is constantly snacking or nursing like mine did it affects the teeth. She has a book coming out about how to avoid the dentist (which is saying something, since she is a dentist)…Her stance is also that teeth CAN repair themselves. It has made little difference unfortunately but I think that has more to do with the consistent level of acidity in her entire GI tract, mouth included. Sort of like bathing the teeth in calcium and phosphorus, the elements that healthy saliva is supposed to supply (if your flora is good).
We don’t know much about them at this point and time to put out recommendations for toxicity. Now almost every disorder – from heart disease to diabetes is linked to poor teeth, periodontal disease or cavities. If the brine does not rise above the plate level by the next day, add enough salt water to bring the brine level above the plate.
Skim what you can off of the surface; it will break up and you will probably not be able to remove all of it. A friend of mine who is a dental hygienist – so you can bet her kids teeth were cleaned properly from birth! I think I have seen this in Weston Price info too; that you may still see discoloration but the tooth can rebuild in many cases.
When we first tried a raw milk diet to improve our daughter’s colitis, her hair grew long, she grew out of clothes and shoes, and her teeth got very white after looking very grey.
The caution on it warns to not use on animals for food, which makes me uncomfortable with it. Thus, it makes perfect sense that it would set the stage for problems further down the opening.
Make sure the kraut is packed tight in the crock, the surface is level, and the cover and weight are clean. And since I'm new at fermenting, I always worry about the process and whether or not I did it safely.
This leads to the question of whether fixing problems with your oral cavity is the first step to controlling or healing your gut problems. Sometimes brine evaporates, so if the kraut is not submerged below brine just add salted water as necessary. I'll talk to hubby about the antibiotics, he's had more experience with that sort of thing. This can be done; but so much of the power of sauerkraut is its aliveness that I wonder: Why kill it? Generally it starts to be tangy after a few days, and the taste gets stronger as time passes. In the cool temperatures of a cellar in winter, kraut can keep improving for months and months. Baking soda + Honey + Water = Face Brightening CleanserIf you have sensitive skin, washing your face with honey alone will do.
Mix in a little baking soda for a scrub as it boosts circulation but doesn’t tear off your top layer of skin for glowing skin. Rub them together with a few drops of water and then massage gently in circular motions on your face.

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