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Having fungi or yeast is not a big problem for your body, in fact the bacteria and probiotics in the digestive tract as well as your immune system will look after and deal with overgrowth of the fungi. Some of the documentation on this video and other documents related to Candida Fungi can be found here. He also discovered that cancer attacks the human body similarly to the fungi attacking the ant, as seen in the video below. More about Dr Tullio Simoncini and his treatment can be found in Potential Cures – Baking Soda. On an addition note, it is interesting that the Bible has been warning the people of Israel to remove fungi from their presence for over 3500 years. Leviticus 13:50-52 The priest is to examine the mildew (fungi) and isolate the affected article for seven days.
God realizes that mildew or fungi can be destructive and must be dealt with in an appropriate manner. Bible VerseJohn 17:2 As thou hast given him power over all flesh, that he should give eternal life to as many as thou hast given him.

Simoncini is a Roman doctor specializing in oncology, diabetology and in metabolic disorders, is one successful doctor who is treating cancer as a fungus. On the seventh day he is to examine it, and if the mildew has spread in the clothing, or the woven or knitted material, or the leather, whatever its use, it is a destructive mildew; the article is unclean. Could this disease, that has caused so much heart break  and death for so many people, just be caused by a simple fungi infection? He discovered that there were a lot of similarities between cancer and fungi, he particularly saw that all cancers are white, with some stained in blood. This leakage can cause a number of health conditions ranging from digestive disturbances to depression.
To date most creams have not worked because they could not penetrate the toenail to reach the main section of the fungus. Be careful to dry your feet and toes thoroughly after bathing (consider using a blow dryer on a low setting to dry the folds around your toes). It is believed that the unique combination of healthy fatty acids, which contain antifungal, antiviral and antibacterial properties, help to balance intestinal flora and protect the body from yeast overgrowth.

However, many things can lead to Candida getting out of control and overpowering the healthy bacteria. The good news is, we have control over most, if not all, of the factors contributing to it. The yeast feeds on the increased sugar and the immune system is too weak to stop it, and growth gets out of hand. In addition, if you remain stressed for a long period of time, your adrenal glands become ineffective and your immune system can be further compromised.

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