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Low calorie foods are a big deal in modern society as every one wants to lose weight, but not sacrifice the foods and drinks they love. The sweet taste of these drinks tells the brain that it should be receiving some sugar very soon.
The surprising thing is that people often don’t recall having some chocolate or a bag of crisps after these drinks, and so are unaware of the additional calories. In short, although zero calorie drink don’t directly give you calories in your diet, they do make you crave sugar shortly after and so are unlikely to have any benefit to weight loss.
I hope you enjoy the site, and like what we have worked hard to create, any feedback is very much welcome, after all this site is for you! The Health Cloud was created in December 2011 by Craig and Morg who have been friends since high school. Everyone is of the belief that if it is zero calories, then you can eat or drink as much of it as you like, and it is because of this belief that Coke and Pepsi released their zero calorie drinks, which still taste sweet.
Our focus is to educate our readers with unbiased health articles and on the side we run our own online health shop. There are many studies showing that people will get a sugary treat (such as chocolate) about 15mins after consuming one of these zero calorie drinks. This website is for you, so drop us a comment or send us a tweet, we always take the time to reply!

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