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Solgar Niacin, also available in the form of niacinamide, is a coenzyme that assists in the breakdown of carbohydrates, fats and proteins.
The B Vitamins consist of a large number of substances that are involved in the metabolism of all living cells. Women who are pregnant or planning pregnancy should consult their doctor before taking Solgar Niacin 500mg.
Tableted with these natural ingredients: dibasic calcium phosphate, vegetable cellulose, vegetable stearic acid, vegetable magnesium stearate. Unexpectedly, I have discovered that my detox journey not only gives me physical benefits, but emotional rewards as well. When I started this journal initially, I was expecting a series of positive physically impact on my body. In my detox diet plan journal last week, I talked about why each one of us is also a chemist.
I have known the benefits of this kind of salads ever since I bought The Beauty Detox Solution. In the last “episode”, I mentioned that in Week 6 I would sprout lentils as they are healthier than non-sprouted ones for better digestion. A third experiment I am proud of is my another invention (I have been documenting recipes of my favorite self-made smoothies). The most emotionally rewarding part of Week 6 is treating friends to a healthy home-made dinner prepared by me on a Saturday afternoon (except the roasted chicken and hummus, both bought from Costco), while watching a movie together. Enjoy my welcome gift for you, my discoveries and personal insights that I only talk about in this newsletter by entering your name and email below.

Acting as coenzymes, they work together with proteins in the various enzyme systems of our body.
Solgar recommends one (1) vegicap of Niacin 500mg daily, preferably at mealtime, or as directed by a healthcare practitioner. As the journal has progressed into Week 6, I have just started to realize that: not only do I feel great physically, I gain more positive emotional side benefits as well. All I needed were three 32-ounce clean jars, a cabbage, a chuck of ginger, filtered clean water and some patience for five days’ fermentation process. It has low calories, full of live cultures such as lactobacillus bacterias and rich in enzymes and minerals. I enjoyed discussing foods and nutrition with them, while being grateful for our friendship.
Effect of vitamin E supplementation on vitamin K status in adults with normal coagulation status -- Booth et al. The functions of the B Vitamins are closely synergistic, and because of these inter-relationships, a deficient intake of one or more of them can cause deficiencies in the others by hampering their utilisation.
The week was filled with fun experiments, interesting dishes and exciting discoveries, all happening in my “lab”. Probably, it was because I had been busily adapting to the new changes that have been introduced to my body since Week 1: green smoothies, digestive enzymes, probiotics and the change of diet routines. On the fifth day, an interesting thing happened: opening the lids of the jars exactly reminds me of opening a Coca Cola bottle (even though I do not drink Coke anymore). It is the talking, laughter, teasing and sharing that makes hearty meal even heartier, because there is an important ingredient added into the recipe: happiness.

First, I greeted my friends with a signature welcoming smoothie mentioned in my first week of diet menu plan. Even though I am not having treat days on a regular basis, I do have treats from time to time. Now that they have become a part of my daily life, my mind has reserved more space so that I can look for other discoveries.
As soon as I twisted the lid and as soon as the cabbage was exposed to air, the cabbage immediately started sizzling and bubbling.
It tastes like Chinese suan cai yet it is much healthier, since suan cai, like sauerkraut, is packed with salt. Later, we all enjoyed chicken salads with my prized Probioric and Enzyme Salad on the side.
But, instead of waiting surprises to happen, I find that performing experiments in my “lab” is a proactive way to welcome unexpected joy and happiness. I would have been in panic, had I not read the instruction ahead of time and not known what was expected to happen.   Since I knew that “bubbling is a good sign that healthy probiotics are teeming”, as the book describes, I stayed calm and simply enjoyed the happening as a spectator! Unfortunately, sprouted lentils did not have their share of the dining table, as they were all gone by Friday. Maybe next time then, as I am liking my lifestyle experiment and planning to have this kind of gathering on a regular basis!

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