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Um RAYONEX TR in vollen Umfang nutzen zu können, empfehlen wir Ihnen Javascript in Ihren Browser zu aktiveren. Let us remind you that any given information, advice or suggestions for solving problems in this publication cannot replace a visit to a doctor orientated to natural healing or a naturopath. A holistic approach to wellness based on the healing power of nature and the principle that the body has the inherent ability to heal itself. Western herbal medicine utilises the healing powers of plants to assist in the prevention and treatment of various health issues. Alchemy Health & Wellbeing incorporates Naturopathy, Nutritional Medicine, Western Herbal Medicine, BICOM® Bioresonance Therapy and diet and lifestyle advice to create personalised holistic health care and assist you in transforming your life. Bioresonance is a therapy that uses electromagnetic frequencies to detect pathologies, bacteria, viruses and parasites as well as toxins and other harmful substances. The Bioresonance machine Sensitiv Imago combines latest technology with incredible accuracy (up to 96%) and efficiency of treatment, making it to one of the leading devices of energy medicine worldwide.
Bioresonance is the medicine of the future, being non invasive, fast and has the ability to detect changes on a cellular level very early on, before major pathological changes had a chance to develop - making it into an excellent preventative tool. Bioresonance works on the principle that every living cell emits a healthy frequency, which can be detected, if disease processes evolve the vibrational output changes, which can be measured.
Bio-resonance is a kind of energy medicine (electro acupuncture or homeopathy are in the same rubric) or form of vibrational healing, which goes back several decades.
The Sensitiv Imago is a highly sophisticated, state-of-the-art bioresonance machine, with proven 96% accuracy.
Our immune system exists to protect us from all kinds of illnesses, even against body cells that have degenerated and which can eventually turn into tumors and carcinoma (cancer). Why is it that we humans - despite continual improvements in diet and medical care and a more comfortable life-style - are forced to battle against ever more illnesses and degenerative conditions?
We are constantly being told that our immune system is "weak", and that we should strengthen it with commercially available products etc.
All the functions of the human body are controlled by electromagnetic signals (EM signals).
In our practice, in order to determine whether an immune system is subject to disturbances, we measure the morphogenetic energy field of the patient.
In certain cases - in particular where there are chronic long-term illnesses or congenital organ defects affecting e.g. The manner of the biocybernetic treatment follows quite specific rules and it works to restore equilibrium in the body's state of energy imbalance and in its regulating circuits (bio-cybernetics). Orthodox medicine believed for a long time that a human being consists solely of tissue, body fluids, chemicals, enzymes, hormones, etc.
However, nowadays it is indisputable that all essential functions in our body are controlled by electromagnetic signals (EM-signals). With the help of our library of EM signals, we now show the doorman our pictures (EM signals), which help him determine the intruders.
Our doorman will then seek out the intruders and try to remove them within a short period of time. All the functions of the human body are driven or activated by electromagnetic signals (EM signals, also referred to as "life energy").
The effects of interference fields from different sources within our environment could be harmful for the body's internal electrical system.
Electrical appliances and lighting, microwaves from microwave ovens and mobile phones, radio waves from radio and television, geopathic stress such as negative earth radiation, radon emission, chemicals and pesticides, heavy metals, dental materials, food additives, magnetic blankets and bracelets, electric blankets etc.
Infectious diseases, allergies, autoimmune diseases, diseases of the teeth, diseases of the rheumatic spectrum disorder, painful conditions of all kinds, diseases of metabolism except for hereditary enzyme defects and skin diseases. Disorders caused by hazardous substances (such as chemicals, pesticides, metals, bacteria, viruses, moulds and fungi, environmental toxins etc.), can cause chronic and degenerative illnesses (even as serious as cancer).

Many experts believe that these diseases are not consequences of a "weak" immune system, but are rather due to the fact that the immune system is "irritated" by these external influences, and is therefore unable to detect damaging influences early enough or at all. The result is someone who is constantly ill, perpetually confronted with supposedly "new" illnesses, and eventually succumbs to chronic, and ultimately degenerative diseases.
At the beginning of a treatment, the immune system initially detects the problems that are causing the greatest suffering.
Body cells give off detectable electromagnetic signals which in turn create oscillations in the tissue.
Different organs and tissues communicate at different frequencies, much the same as the differences in electromagnetic waves for mobile phone, television or radio communication. Illness indicates that the body’s defences – the immune and detoxification systems – have been weakened. Medical philosophies have long postulated the need to treat the patient rather than disease.  While this concept has been recognized for decades, modern therapy remains mostly focused on the disease and the suppression of symptoms. Pathological or disharmonious vibrations have been shown to lead to physical manifestations of disease if the regulatory systems of the body are unable to adequately compensate.  Causes of disharmonious vibrations may include toxins (heavy metals, chemicals, pesticides, herbicides), pathogens (bacteria, viruses), microbes (parasites, fungi), external electromagnetic disturbances, nutritional deficiencies and imbalances, some medications and stress. All Bioresonance treatments are carried out by a fully accredited, trained Integrative Medicine Naturopath.
The equipment used is cutting edge technology widely incorporated in European medical clinics and hospitals.
If you are sick of feeling unwell, tired and fatigued or plagued by allergies and pain, call for an appointment today on 07 5530 1863.
Rather more, it is up to us to take the first step towards healing our bodies and keeping them healthy by eliminating interference fields. Please also note that the effects of bio-energetic oscillation are still neither accepted nor acknowledged by the orthodox medicine. It assists the body to reduce its toxin or stress load and helps to restore ‘self-regulation’, the body's ability to heal itself. One scan with this machine can be as effective as 20-30 different specialist doctor visits, as every organ and system in your body can be investigated for proper function, pathogen and toxin accumulation, while you sit comfortably holding an electrode and with headphones.
According to the scale of the deviation from a balanced value, one can talk about an acute or toxic event, about a chronic illness or about degeneration.
This contains a comprehensive database of electromagnetic informational signals (EM signals).
The information stored in the cells as well as the interaction of cells in the body is unique in every person.
The "doorman" (your immune system) is there to prevent unauthorised persons from entering the building. At the end of a treatment session, we then give the doorman the list of pictures, so that he can continue to follow up the matter.
The patient will experience an initial worsening of symptoms, also known as the "healing crisis", which usually starts about 24 hours after the initial treatment.
Eliminating these kinds of imbalances in the body's electromagnetic system is astoundingly similar to fine-tuning a highly complex computer or racing car. We use state-of-the-art technology, which is consistent with all the laws of physics and, in particular, can be explained by quantum physics.
The outer layers represent our skin, the middle layers the various tissue layers, and the center of the onion represents the individual cell nuclei in our body.
The Bioresonance approach is to measure the electromagnetic oscillations and transmit them to a special therapy device, where they are divided into harmonious and disharmonious oscillations. The human body is programmed to heal itself, however, this may not always be possible due to blockages such as heavy metals, pesticides, herbicides, artificial food additives, electromagnetic frequencies, medications, drugs, stress, trauma, physical imbalances and even substances naturally occurring in foods.
But what holistic test can we apply to find out whether a health burden is caused by electrosmog, geopathic stress zones, bacteria, viruses or parasites?

With this, we demonstrate possible disturbances and illnesses to the immune system (electro-magnetic information) - including those not previously recognized by it (for example, bacteria, viruses, fungi, chemicals, pesticides, metals, hormones, other illnesses etc.). This is why no two people are the same, and the reason why using the same methods to treat similar types of diseases or health problems does not always produce the desired effects. Nevertheless, unwanted visitors manage to sneak in every now and then, causing the doorman to run around after the intruders.
After further 24 hours, these symptoms will gradually wear off and the patient will feel better. This also explains why environmental influences are capable of disturbing our "electrical system" so rapidly. BRT is able to identify where blockages are occurring in your body as well as what is causing these blockages.
Please allocate 90 minutes for your initial session which includes a full body scan.  Duration of follow-up sessions will depend on treatment required and may range from 45 to 60 minutes (or longer for very complex conditions).
He claimed he was able to cure cancer with a similar method, but faced extreme hostility and suppression by a powerful conspiracy headed by the AMA (American Medical Association). If there is a resonance between the energetic sample of the patient and the EM signals in the database gain valuable information about the possible cause for the health problems. So when you feel ill, have no energy, feel exhausted or just not "fit", it is very likely to be caused by imbalances in your immune system.
How can we find out if our primary staple, our water, really meets the quality requirements of our body? As early as 1976, through his discoveries, Paul Schmidt laid the foundation for answering these questions. In the same way as sunlight stimulates pigmentation or vitamin D metabolism through a specific wave length or frequency, Paul Schmidt looked for and discovered frequencies with which he could regulate the whole body. This book (the comprehensively revised and expanded 4th edition) offers the reader a step-by-step,easy-to-understand introduction to the holistic approach of bioresonance according to Paul Schmidt. In keeping with this approach, the previously mentioned causal influences are examined first.
These include testing and harmonising the body's energy state, itspolarities, and the chakras.
The book's focus then switches to the solutions that are available for recognising andrebalancing organ system deficits. Product, medication and allergen tests, as well as allergen harmonising, are covered with similar attention to detail. The transfer of energy patterns either to the body or to a suitable carrier substance, in order to allow the integration of bodily fluids, such as blood, saliva and urine etc.
For example, acupunctureoscillation therapy, in which frequencies, rather than needles, are used to tonify or sedate points along the meridian. Bioresonance in veterinary medicine is also touched upon, in particular its use in horses, dogs and cats, before the reader is introduced to the most recent major development, the Rayonex analysis and harmonising system.
A 250-page appendix complements this book, providing the lists, tables and templates for copying that are required when carrying out bioresonance according to Paul Schmidt.
The book is aimed at health care practitioners and their patients, as well as individuals who use or favour the holistic and gentle approaches of alternative medicine.
Please note: Irrespective of the breadth of information, advice and problem-solving approaches contained within this book, it cannot replace the visit to a practitioner of alternative medicine or a physician with an interestin naturopathy. Furthermore, please note that traditional orthodox medicine has to date neither accepted nor acknowledged the connections illustrated in this book.

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