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LunarStudio's architectural rendering work encompass a wide-range of illustrations consisting of mixed-use, corporate, academic, residential, civic, hospitality, and medical buildings. Our portfolio represents a small sampling of some of our projects going back several years. Architectural renderings of the 414 Palm Canyon Drive mixed-use condominiums for Rael Development Corporation in Palm Springs, California. Evening architectural renderings of a penthouse condominium development located in Palm Springs, California. 3d outdoor area restaurant renderings of the proposed development of 414 Palm Springs, California.

3D condominium renderings from a screenshot of animation prepared for 414 Palm Springs, California. An architectural illustration of the Muncie BioLife Plasma Services building for OPN Architects, Inc.
480 Hood Milk Factory architectural rendering by Symmes, Maini, & McKee of Cambridge, MA. A 3d architectural visualization from an aerial perspective of the Trilogy Apartments courtyard, Boston Massachusetts. A 3d architectural illustration of the Salon Day FX & Spa in Nashville, TN by Wesley Castellanos.

A 3d architectural building visualization of mixed-use Vision Lofts located in Boulder, Colorado. 3D store and mall renderings of Hingham Shipyard waterfront development by Samuels & Associates Real Estate. We do not (and cannot) post everything we have worked on, but these renderings should give you some idea as to our consistency and dedication to high-quality artwork.

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