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There are plenty of organisations, including the University of Oxford, which are providing courses, conferences, lunchtime talks and seminars.
Conference: Each year, Emerge brings together students, young professionals, entrepreneurs, organisations and activists from across the globe to challenge the status quo, and share ideas for a more socially and environmentally responsible world.
Course: Building a Business is a nine-week lecture series designed to teach the fundamentals of developing a business.
Course: Ideas to Impact (I2I) is a pilot initiative to build capacity and practical skills for doctoral students in University of Oxford with potential entrepreneurial ideas, with focus on DPhil students from the sciences in their 2nd year and above. Course: Leading for Impact is a programme exclusively offered to University of Oxford students.
Course: The Management and Business Skills Programme is a series of intensive one-day courses in subjects such as managing innovation, entrepreneurship, project management, change management, knowledge management, project risk, and strategic planning. Course: MPLS offers opportunities for any of our students, researchers and staff to become more informed and active in the Oxford Entrepreneurial ecosystem through a series of Enterprise courses and events.
Course: The OB 360 Programme will be a high impact series of evening seminars that will introduce and develop core skills necessary to succeed in the business world and over time will augment the scientific skills of attendees with entrepreneurial flair. Course: VIEW (“Venture Idea Exploration Workshop”) is a new startup workshop run by the Entrepreneurship Centre at the Said Business School, University of Oxford. Course: Through the facilitation of ten-month meaningful work placements, support networks, training and networking events, the Worthwhile Graduate Scheme is the strongest starting point for those passionate about a social impact career. Conference: Silicon Valley Comes to Oxford 2015 will provide an opportunity to hear prominent entrepreneurs, innovators and investors discuss and debate key issues in entrepreneurship and innovation. Ross Marquand joined the cast of TWD in the second half of season five as Aaron, the altruistic former relief worker who mysteriously appeared in order to recruit Rick and his group for the Alexandria Safe Zone outside Washington, D.C. We spoke to Marquand about how some of the cooler stuff on the show gets done, his nerdy pastimes, and his thoughts on how best to survive an undead apocalypse. Popular Science: This is an action-packed show; how much of what you shoot is stunts versus special effects? Ross Marquand: Our crew tries to use as many practical effects as possible, but if you're, say, decapitating a walker with a license plate—that could get tricky without the use of CGI. RM: The stunt people and extras who play more-featured walkers—we call them “hero walkers”—are in hair and makeup for three to four hours. Measure, an aerial imaging company, wants to sell “drones as a service,” where customers hire their fleet for aerial photography or other uses. Measure’s stated purpose for using the drones is the rather vague “aerial data acquisition,” which includes but is not limited to aerial photography and video recording.
A search for drone number 218, listed simply as “Q1”, led me to a Facebook page for UAV Robotic Solutions, 3DR Drone Systems but the drone models made by 3DR Drone Systems are named either Solo, IRIS, or X8.

Amidst the vague names are plenty of definitely real vehicles, including 21 different models of DJI drones.
Installing a solar roof on your home could one day be as simple as mixing your yard clippings into a stew of inexpensive chemicals and painting the resulting mixture right onto your rooftop.
But you were waiting for the other shoe to drop, and now it shall: the conversion efficiency of Mershin's paintable solar panel is just one-tenth of one percent. Annually at the Said Business School, 25+ successful Founders and Entrepreneurs come to Oxford give lectures and masterclasses, letting you meet and learn from them. It will help exceptional students who are committed to social impact to both BE more effective leaders, and DO significant entrepreneurial work. Are the awesomely disgusting ways you can kill a walker dreamed up entirely by the writers or do the actors have any input?
There are still times where I see an emaciated, decaying walker and think, “My goodness, what a terrible mess.” And I dislocated my pinky toe recently—it was hanging at a disturbingly acute angle, and it totally freaked me out. I think the folks in Alexandria certainly lucked out in many regards—most of them happened to know about the township before the apocalypse, or were just fortunate enough to be near the well-stocked subdivision once society came tumbling down. Having grown up in Scouts, we learned how to survive attacks by wild beasts, starvation, exposure…so I just pretended Aaron was an Eagle Scout himself, and that has helped me shape the character a great deal. If the excrement hits the air conditioning, I'm definitely going to head to my aunt’s cabin in the mountains outside Denver. Normally, companies are legally prohibited from flying drones for business purposes unless they get an exemption to this ban from the FAA. Like other FAA exemptions, the drones Measure intends to fly are restricted to weights less than 55 pounds, speeds less than 100 mph, and altitudes below 400 feet above the ground. Another listed, the Falcon VTOL, is likely the Falcon V vertical takeoff and landing drone made by Thailand’s Top Engineering Group.
An MIT researcher has developed a method of manufacturing solar panels on the spot from agricultural waste, sidestepping the need for silicon and making ready-to-mix solar cheap and abundant virtually anywhere. To even begin to make an impact, a solar panel needs an efficiency many, many times greater than that. If we're chopping off heads or stabbing walkers, we usually just hold a soft-hilt replica of our weapon, and the SFX team adds in the rest later. Greg Nicotero’s team of incredibly talented SFX makeup artists are the best in the business, and the sheer amount of work they do on a daily basis is jaw-dangling. There are some times when we as actors offer ideas, but most of the crazier walker deaths—flaring one up like a jack-o’-lantern, or impaling one on a goat’s horn—are concocted by our wonderful writers.
I mean, how do you unwind after you’ve spent the day crushing a zombie’s head in the car door?

But then I started laughing at the cartoonish sight of it, so yeah, maybe I am a little desensitized. Astrophysics, Star Wars, 2001, Vonnegut, They Might Be Giants, Ender's Game, Battlestar…that’s my jam right there. When approving requests like this, the FAA names the specific drone the company asked to fly. The only truly remarkable fact of the FAA’s exemption to measure is the incredibly long list of vehicles they may choose to fly. Item number 161 on the list is simply “Identified System,” which is likely a Boomerang quadcopter drone body with a Pixhawk autopilot attached, and given a horribly un-Google-able name in the FAA exemption. According to Measure itself, “the requested exemption would permit the operation of UAS platforms previously approved by the FAA for commercial operations in the United States.” If so, that doesn’t make any of these drones new to American skies.
His chemical cocktail extracts the photosynthesizing molecules from plant matter--including chlorophyll--and stabilizes them such that they can be spread on a glass substrate. Unfortunately, they still haven't figured out a way to CGI-out the Atlanta heat—it’s pretty brutal.
They sometimes prepare hundreds of actors for each episode—and one does not simply stroll onto set looking like the undead, no matter how rough their night was. For example, the MotoMon Corporation is approved to fly a Hubsan 109S quadcopter for aerial photography and videogography. Lockheed Martin’s Indago quadcopter shows up with the brand name attached in spot 178, and as a stand-alone type of drone at 163. It just means Measure is the first company to request the authority to fly every single already-approved drone. Said substrate is coated in nanowires and titanium dioxide "sponges" that help convert photons to electrons and then ferry those electrons away as current. Mershin hopes now that he's put the technology in play, he or others will be able to build on it. It requires multiple layers of prosthetics, liquid latex, wigs, contact lenses, and dentures—all masterfully applied by a surprisingly small group of badass professionals. Earlier this week, Measure received a unique exemption for not just one drone, but 324 different drone models.

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