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For science class, one of the questions we have is what elements are digestive enzymes made of, and for the life of me I just could not find the answer in my reading, so I am turning to my fellow yahoolagins. Ok, some enzymes are composed of amino acids which contain Carbon, Hydrogen, Nitrogen and Oxygen. Research published online last week in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences offered evidence of the neurotic basis of contagious itch.
The NREL scientists found that the gummy, poly-aromatic non-sugar lignin in plants interferes with enzymes' ability to access the polysaccharides in the cell wall - the stuff that both the enzymes and the industry want. By James Gallagher Health and science reporter, Chemicals in grapefruit, furanocoumarins, wipe out an enzyme which breaks the drugs down. The plant manages to survive in this tough environment by trapping and digesting insects in order to fulfill their nutritional needs. Digestive Science ® Reflux Elimination System helps provide relief for Acid Reflux or GERD sufferers. This tradition started because of the effect caffeine had on the digestive system , increasing saliva and digestive enzymes and encouraging transit. These finishing strips are flexible, durable, thin, and more aggressive than aluminum oxide strips. Willkommen auf unserer Internet-Plattform Bei Bestellungen in unserem Online-Shop erhalten Sie auf alle Produkte einen Rabatt von 5%. Orthodontics has seen significant advances over the past decade.  In spite of these advances, there is no magic wand or silver bullet when teeth are undersized. This patchwork style bonding on the central incisors gives composite a bad name.  Note the excess translucency, small holes full of brown stain, and most importantly an ignorance of the larger issues that could have been addressed if the teeth had received the modern approach outlined in this article.
However, a closer profile angled look revealed that all of the four incisors were undersized and simply adding to the lateral incisors or even just the four anterior teeth would produce inappropriately sized teeth.  With the Bioclear method, “bonding to hide gaps” in my practice has evolved to” 360° composite overmolding” for a strong, predictable and permanent solution. If you have additional questions about becoming a premium user, please click here to contact us. The New Bioclear 360° Veneer MatrixThe Bioclear Matrix System was launched in 2007 and became available in 2008 in Canada through early adoption by Clinical Research Dental (Toronto, Ontario). How can every day practices begin to do more esthetic dentistry?Unlike most of the lecturers that show and perform a large number of esthetic cases, my practice is more of a blue-collar office.
The preoperative, mid treatment, and two-week post-operative photographs paint a partial picture of the Bioclear method. Composite Overmolding versus PorcelainComposites have historically been considered inferior to porcelain veneering of teeth when significant portions of the tooth require reconstruction or augmentation. Why Heated Composite is a Must, and Why it is so SafeThe dental world needs to wake up to the science of warmed, injectable paste composite paired with warmed flowable composite.
As the realities of current dental practice including insurance and patient’s financial restraints become paramount, the choices and results that can be officered by the Bioclear Matrix system will have a increasingly significant place in dentistry.
These would digest away the bits of gluten that cause allergic reactions because they aren't properly digested in the gut by natural digestive enzymes. Normally, macrophages engulf bacteria and then release powerful digestive enzymes that destroy the bacteria. Well, sulforaphane might act as an antioxidant itself or it may instead boost detoxifying enzymes in the body. The perforated design lets you contour more precisely by allowing you to see through them during use. In addition, there are a staggering number of adult ortho cases that produce the dreaded black triangle or space between teeth, an aesthetic dilemma that is considered to be more unsightly than the crowding that led to the ortho in the first place. The Bioclear Matrix is popular for Class III composites, diastema closures, treating peg laterals, and black triangle elimination because of its myriad fully anatomic shapes. Only a small percentage of my local clientele arrives at my office asking for esthetic dentistry. The system is only available as complete kit and after taking a necessary one-day course (Clinical Research Dental). 2-28)Sarah’s mom presented with the typical hodgepodge of natural teeth and an assortment of different vintage porcelain crowns. Left side view shows the existing porcelain crowns that had been recently placed by the patient’s previous dentist. Occlusal view demonstrates that the Maxillary incisors will need significant addition to the facial aspect. Details of the treatment: the best way to understand the process is to watch a four-minute video of the technique. For reconstruction, we will define this term for purposes of the series of composite articles appearing in Oral Health Journal, as the removal of caries and defective restorations involving significant portions of the tooth.

Simple shade matching is done by placing the B-1 paste on the facial with at least 1mm of thickness, light cured and evaluated, then discarded. It is critical to constantly hydrate the teeth during the shade match process so that dehydration driven lightening of the teeth does not occur.
The mesial of the lateral has been reduced with the coarse diamond bur using copious water to protect overheating of the pulp. The two Bioclear 360° veneers are fully seated after the contacts are lightly sanded (sanding not shown). Once the 37 percent phosphoric acid is placed (20 seconds before rinsing) the fit and shape of these matrices can be fully appreciated. Incisal view of the facial and lingual “vestiges (or affectionately referred to as belly buttons) are visible.
Incisal thickness of overmolded composite that replace the incisal edge can be no thinner than 2 mm.
Composite manufacturers heat the composite to 190°F when they load the compule and syringes. Being competent in this technique will make the practitioner more in demand by the ever increasingly savvy consumer. Clark is the creator of the Bioclear Matrix system and has a financial interest in this product. Over the weekend, I caught the documentary,  Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead  on streaming Netflix. Regardless of how broccoli helps, it’s clear that it is a potent anti-prostate cancer veggie.
Black triangles come about for a number of reasons- bone loss, recession of the gum line or movement in the teeth. Additionally, its ultra-thin width (50 microns) allows a tight contact without heavy wedging pressure.
During her consultation, which in my office follows one week after her New Patient Examination, the patient had the opportunity to review her photographs, digital radiographs, and a short video captured through the Global dental microscope. The patient will eventually have these replaced as her budget allows, to match the B-1 Bioclear veneers to improve the esthetics. Other than removal of old composite, blasting to remove Biofilm, and mild rounding of incisal edges to eliminate internal stresses in the composite, no tooth reduction is necessary there. This may or may not include adding volume to a tooth to offset wear or to fill in areas to provide instant ortho or simply to bring the tooth forward for enhanced esthetics. That artificial and temporary increase in the value (brightness) of the teeth will confuse both the doctor and patient.
For the Direct 360° veneer method, each tooth is overmolded individually, and then reduced as needed in the loading (injection) zones with the coarse diamond and then the coarse disc.
Once a small island of dentin is exposed, it is time to stop cutting the tooth, and plan to leave a slightly prominent mesial in the restoration. The residual incisal edge, although it will eventually be buried deep inside of the composite, must be rounded to eliminate stresses inside of the yet to be injected composite.
The incisal tab has been trimmed away to allow better access to the mesial tab, which will allow the operator to gently leverage the mesial incisal embrasure toward left central incisor to achieve an appropriate long contact. The instructions in the complete kit specify not to remove the vestiges before light curing.
It will be necessary to create a palatal concavity with the egg shaped 12-blade carbide bur. Like other traditional modalities such as porcelain laminates, a comprehensive approach yields a life changing transformation.
The restorations meet the fundamentals of Smile Design that are taught in our Bioclear Learning Center Courses. At 2 mm, we are tracking hundreds of cases at five years and they are rivaling porcelain restorations for fracture resistance, as long as the restoration is monolithic without the gaps and seams of hand-stacked composite. He is a course director at the Newport Coast Oral Facial Institute and the Director of the Bioclear Learning Center in Tacoma WA.
Influence of application techniques on contact formation and voids in anterior restorations. At first I almost walked away from it, since it seemed like an ego-driven vehicle for some rich guy to share his wondrous views for a few hours.
In some cases, the lateral incisors (the teeth on each side of the main incisors) are undersized, having not grown in proportion to the incisors alongside them.
At the Bioclear Learning Center, we teach the staff and the doctors the basics of dental photography. We have found that patients are far more comfortable discussing their smile by pointing at images on a screen as opposed to pointing at their own teeth while holding a mirror.

The heated composite used in this patient was Filtek Supreme Ultra Body Shade B-1 flowable and paste composite. That video shows start to finish technique of a patient’s tooth #22 (left lateral incisor). Additive dentistry is a new term that clinicians should add to their lexicon and skill set. The teeth are left extra full (1mm) and extra-long (2mm) so they can be disked together in a comprehensive and careful way, similar to the way a ceramist will disk multiple crowns in the lab. It will be barely noticeable and spares insult to the pulp, and an over-reliance on dentin bonding which is never an ideal long term interface. At your next opportunity, take some heated composite and squirt it on your fingernail or your fingertip.
One tooth at a time is the optimal approach so that landmarks are not lost and the case does not get out of control. We can fix some teeth, or if we go the distance we can alter the smile and the face and the life of our patients. In this Part One article, we will discuss undersized teeth.  In Part Two, we will discuss post-ortho Black Triangles.
It utilizes two (mesial and distal) anatomic matrices that literally snap into place and cling to the tooth. In this case, the patient scheduled a new patient examination because her daughter Sarah is a new hygienist in my office.
It is truly monolithic, in other words no layering is needed or wanted in the modern esthetic composite overmolded tooth. In short, the grinding and sculpting of the intentional excess of composite in the injection zones (Mid facial, mid lingual and incisal) is relatively quick, safe and easy. Injection overmolded composite with infinity edge margins typically have better soft tissue response than porcelain.
The Cling-Fit technology allows the matrix to slide deeply into the sulcus without bleeding, due to patent pending interproximal scallop (Fig. Discussing unsightly teeth that are stained, worn, crowded, with crumbling fillings is embarrassing to most patients. The Bioclear Zone of smooth composite in the interproximal, line angles, and subgingival areas will require almost no finishing. Note that the patient’s marginal tissue health is pink and pretty compared to the puffy red margins around her crowns on 1-2 and 1-3.
More than that, injecting a small amount of flowable, chased by injected heated paste into fully anatomic matrices is a complete game changer for many dentists.
In the case of Sarah’s mother, the photographs led to a conversation, which led to self-discovery. Conversely, steel or aluminum heated to 155°F will blister the skin with prolonged exposure. It also features significantly stiffer polyester matrix (75 microns) that can surpass Stainless Steel matrices in terms of strength and stiffness.
One tooth leads to two, and then to four, and suddenly we are talking about changing her smile, her face and her life. It can do things that metal cannot, such as glassy smooth surfaces and fully anatomic shapes, and light transmission for curing the composite.
When the contacts are lightly sanded, a matrix placed on the mesial and the distal surrounds the tooth and for the first time allows true injection over-molding to not just veneer, but to completely surround the anterior tooth. It is not a replacement for the Bioclear matrix, but a new modality when the entire tooth needs to be reconstructed like a crown, without all of the grinding away of precious tooth structure and the lab costs of porcelain.
On the other hand, curing lights, polishing cups and points, and diamond burs impart ferociously high heat on the tooth and pulp.
Eventually she realized that a comprehensive approach using the Bioclear method was her best choice. The patient chose to skip orthodontics because it didn’t make sense to spend two to three years in orthodontics and then turn around and completely restore the teeth anyway. Porcelain and ortho were completely out of the question for financial reasons, as was replacing the crowns on 22 and 23. A final note on adult orthodontics, I am advocating it less often than I have in the past for adults unless the patient specifically requests it once they arrive at 50 years of age. The morbidity of black triangles, recession, and mobility are definite negatives that are rarely a problem in adolescents.

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