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The brand has over 150 colours in nail gels and nail lacquer, so there is something for everyone.
I tried and tested this treatment on my holiday to Egypt where I was in contact with sea water, swimming pool and loads of sun lotion and I can guarantee that my gel was in tack two weeks later when I returned back to the UK. There are four new colours in the collection which consist of Favela Sunrise, Ipanema Sunset, Samba Your Socks Off and Havana Nights. What makes Bio Sculpture stand out in the market is the fact that their nail gel treatment nourishes your talons and actually helps them to grow healthily.

The great thing about Bio Sculpture Gel is that you can actually paint over it with another polish if you get bored of the colour. Bio Sculpture was the original brand to start the chip-free salon nail gel treatment sensation that lasts up to three weeks. The treatment is ideal for those who have little time on their hands and are looking for longevity in a manicure or pedicure. This new collection is full of very fun and playful colours that will go with any look and is certain to make a statement with for summer.

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