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Acne is considered as a skin disease which happens when the tiny pores present on your skin’s surface become clogged due to excessive production of oil by the oil glands. This is mostly used for the treatment of acne in a woman’s body by preventing the development of abnormal sebaceous glands.
Acne Free RF Program – acne treatment with low dose Isotretinoin combined with 4 RadioFrequency treatments. It helps to decrease the number of P.acne which is one of the important factors that leads to severe acne cyst and reduces inflammation.

Though people in their teen age are mostly affected by the acne but this can happen in any age, even to small babies. This is the best acne treatment that is available as it can deal with all the four factors responsible for these cysts that are blogged skin pores, inflammation, excessive oil production and Propionibacterium.acnes. Erythromycin, Doxycline, minocycline and tetracycline are the example of such oral antibiotics. Deep cysts, extensive skin damage, scarring and inflammation are the characteristics of severe acne.

But the disadvantage with this drug is that it has many side effects like vomiting, bone and joint pain, dryness in your skin, severe headache, depression, severe pain in chest and abdomen, diarrhea, painful swallowing, dizziness and thinning hair.

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