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I want to personally thank all our patients who have graciously consented to have their pictures uploaded for your benefit. Finger abscess (paronychia), secondary to MRSA.Treatment included surgical drainage and antibiotics. Question: Our son has a recurrent staph infection on his legs, which demonstrates some improvement with use of identified antibiotics only to have the staph 1 Aug 2007 The type of staph infection that involves skin is called cellulitis and affects the skin's deeper layers.

These photos, taken of our patients, will help you identify some of the more common characteristics of MRSA skin infections. MRSA and non-MRSA Staph infections look the same on exam; therefore, we have included pictures of both. The procedure of expressing out this thick pus was continued until all the pus was removed.

It’s important to note that non-MRSA Staph bacteria can form the same life-threatening infections that MRSA can.

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