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Overuse of antibiotics is causing drug-resistant strains to emerge, and is making it more difficult to treat infections such as bacterial bronchitis, MRSA, salmonella and pneumonia. Taking antibiotics unnecessarily when you have a viral illness can put you at higher risk of drug-resistant infections in the future. Get smart about antibiotics and ask your health care provider what treatment is best for you. A report of structured interviews with emergency department personnel in 12 Vermont hospitals and Dartmouth Hitchcock Medical Center, to identify opportunities to assist advancing antibiotic stewardship in the region.
University of Vermont students were invited to submit a 60 second PSA-style video to help spread the word about antibiotics misuse.
Well, there are effective ways of relieving the cold and cough symptoms besides taking over-the-counter medicines for pain or fever relieve as well as for a blocked nose (nasal congestion). Reliable clinical studies reveal that cold symptoms such as sore throat, running nose, cough, fever, blocked nose, or pain cannot be improved by antibiotics. Since there’s no cure in sight for head cold, cough, and flu, over-the-counter treatments; such as lozenges, can relief the symptoms or shorten their period.
Getting plenty of rest is important when having a head cold since your body will direct the energy towards boosting your immune system’s ability to fight the cold, an activity that drains the body. Hot liquids keep you hydrated, relieve the nasal congestion by helping the mucus to flow more freely, and soothe the inflamed membranes along your nose and throat linings.
It’s recommended that you blow your nose more regularly when having a head cold instead of sniffling mucus back inside your head. Sucking on any of these helps soothe the irritation or discomfort caused by the sore throat. All these home remedies can make you feel better as well as help you fight off the cold or flu virus.
As earlier stated, colds and flu have no specific cure, but symptoms can be treated to get relieve.
The heavily advertised over-the-counter flu and cold medications that treat symptoms you do not have may lead to unnecessary overtreatment and should be avoided at all costs. Decongestants that contain pseudoephedrine can be used in temporal clearance of the nasal passages as well as relieving dryness. Colds, coughs, and fevers are very common in children, particularly if they suffer from chest infection and after being vaccinated.
A menthol-based rub that is topical can be applied on the chest to decongest the nasal passage.
After long months of scorching heat, finally monsoon is here and it is time to enjoy and splash some water. Most of the ingredients used in the natural remedies are easily available in the pantry or the kitchen and can be used effectively to treat colds and fever, and the best thing is unlike mainstream prescription medicines these remedies don’t have any harmful side effects.
When it comes to fighting cold and fevers the natural way, there is probably no better medicine than garlic. Ginger is one of the key medicines of Ayurveidic treatment and it has been used for centuries to treat various kinds of aliments.
Cinnamon is a highly flavorful spice that is widely used in Asian and Mediterranean cooking and was considered of great value in Ancient Egypt. Honey is the greatest gift of Mother Nature that has been used by humans since the beginning of civilization and ancient Egyptians used it as an important anti-bacterial agent for treating wounds and cuts.
Red hot cayenne pepper salsa are not only the perfect dip of chips and crackers it is also a great way of clearing nasal congestion and respiratory passages, sinuses and stimulating sweating to lower high body temperatures and fever. Vitamin C is a universally accepted remedy for common colds and the best natural source of vitamin C is citrus fruits like oranges and lemons that are loaded with this health benefiting nutrient that improves the body’s natural defense mechanism and fight virus and bacteria.
Health benefits of green tea are innumerable and there is absolutely nothing like relaxing with a cup of tea when suffering from cold, sore throat and runny nose. Holy Basil or “Tulsi” is of great religious significance to the Hindus and has been used for ages as a medicine for relieving stress and anxiety in Ayurveda. The leaves or Night Jasmine or “Shiuli” are works as an effective natural remedy for colds, sore throat and chronic cough. The powerful anti-viral property of apples makes it a power fruit that can really work in keeping cold and flu viruses at bay.
Raisins are yummy and healthy snacks indeed but it can also be used to effectively treat colds and fevers. Turmeric is well known for its antiseptic quality and is used widely to treat cuts and injuries. Try out these simple and easy home remedies for treating colds and fever that comes straight form Grandmother’s remedy book and don’t forget to share your special natural cold remedies with us. Presentation on theme: "Antibiotics are medicines used to treat infections that are caused by bacteria (germs). EXAMPLES OF OVER THE COUNTER REMEDIES SymptomsTreatment Runny nose, blocked nose or congestion Nasal decongestant spray, Oral decongestant syrup or tablets Menthol & Eucalyptus oil preparations Sore throat Honey & lemon, anaesthetic lozenges Paracetamol or ibuprofen Cough in an adult Antitussive for dry cough - to stop you coughing Mucolytic or Expectorant for chesty cough - to help you break up mucus Fever, pain, joint or muscle aches Paracetamol or Ibuprofen Cough in a childDiscuss with doctor or pharmacist. 3 things to remember if you are prescribed an antibiotic 1.Take them exactly as prescribed. Download ppt "Antibiotics are medicines used to treat infections that are caused by bacteria (germs). Questions … Please see the Family Health front desk or Pharmacy Cold and Flu Self Care Computer-Based Training 1. Many drugs are sold over-the-counter (no prescription necessary) and intended for medicinal use at home.
The Flu and You Influenza Annual Training 2014-2015 To every patient, every time, we will provide the care that we would want for our own loved ones. Sore Throat Is a very common ailment that usually resolves by itself and rarely needing antibiotic treatment. COLDS, FLU AND ANTIBIOTIC RESISTANCE Everything you need to know to become an antibiotic resistance fighter.
Swine Flu Symptoms- How to Protect Yourself and your Family What are the Swine Flu Symptoms- Key points regarding swine flu ? -The swine flu is a viral. Section 21.3 Common Infectious Diseases Slide 1 of 26 Objectives Identify some diseases caused by bacteria and by viruses.
Be sure you don't give your child two over-the-counter medicines with the same active ingredients. Antibiotics are designed to treat infections that are caused by bacteria – not viruses.
Also, continuous use of these antibiotics when your body doesn’t need them only increases the medicine’s resistance.
The natural approach to cold and flu treatment has been proven to be the most effective remedies to help you feel better with time.
So giving it a little help through good rest in a warm and humid environment will help you feel much better.

You might need up to 12 hours of uninterrupted sleep each night to enable your body to fight off more infections.
If you’re feeling dizzy from the cold or flu, you can take a steamy shower as well as a relaxing sponge bath. Such taxing activity like exercising can affect your immune system, causing you to feel even sicker. For the pains, fever, and aches caused by the virus, a drug such as Tylenol can be administered instead of aspirin to prevent the risk of Reye syndrome, which can be fatal especially in children suffering from viral illnesses. The FDA and manufacturers now warn that over-the-counter cold and cough drugs should not be administered to children below the age of 4. Decongestant nasal sprays are also effective in clearing the nasal passages, but they should not be used for more than three days as they can result in a “rebound” effect. However, it’s worthwhile to know that a fever which is not more than 38.5°C is not a sign of serious illness.
Decongestants have pseudoephedrine, a component known to constrict blood vessels and therefore increases blood pressure. This is because the active component, Reyes Syndrome, is known to affect the brain function as well as cause liver damage.
Although most of us are concerned about how to maintain our hair and skin during monsoon, rains work as the breeding ground for various kinds of viruses and bacteria that increases the occurrences of influenza, flu, colds and fever and taking over the counter pills and antibiotics is not always the best option as antibiotics often do more harm than good. Well known for its anti-bacterial, anti-fungal, anti-viral and anti-protozoal properties, it helps in relieving stubborn coughs and clearing mucus that blocks the lungs.
The anti-bacterial and natural warming property of cinnamon helps in treating sore throat, colds and cough and a nice warm cup of cinnamon tea can heal throat irritation, itching and can prevent the approach of an impending cold effectively. The antioxidants and anti-microbal properties of honey helps in soothing cough and it helps in treating nigh time cough in infants and promotes undisturbed sleep. Lemon helps in thinning mucus, reducing phlegm and clearing the chocked respiratory system.
Herbal teas like chamomile or ginger tea and green tea have a special anti-oxidant known as EGCG (Epigallocatechin gallate) that prevents the bacteria and viruses form replicating. The leaves of basil have powerful anti-bacterial, anti-fungal and anti-inflammatory properties that work effectively for the treatment of fever, flu, swine flu, bronchitis, malaria, headache and sore throat.
The compounds Mannitol, Oleanolic acid and Tannic acid found in the leaves have powerful anti-viral properties that helps in fighting disease causing viruses and bacteria and treat bronchitis, sore throat and fever blisters. The phytonutrients present raisins have powerful antibiotic and antioxidant properties that help in treating viral fevers, soothing cough and sore throat. She has done her masters in English and has done her graduation from Banaras Hindu University.
Your doctor may prescribe antibiotics if you have an infection caused by a bacteria such as a chest infection, pneumonia or a kidney infection. Taking antibiotics when they aren’t needed might mean that they won’t work when you really need them for a serious infection.
Taking antibiotics when they are not needed also puts you at risk of side effects, like a rash, upset stomach or diarrhoea. The best way to treat most colds, coughs or sore throats is to drink plenty of fluids and get some rest. 2.Make sure you finish the full course, even if you begin to feel better, to get rid of the bacteria completely. Impetigo Coughs & Colds Flu & Swine Flu German Measles Chicken Pox & Measles Diarrhoea & Vomiting Scabies Threadworm.
Everyone Can Help Keep Antibiotics Working By using antibiotics only when needed Following good hygiene.
2 Medicines are Drugs A medicine or drug… –changes how your body works, or –treats or prevents a disease or symptom. Outline ? Coughs and colds ? Sore throats ? Ear infections ? Vomiting and diarrhoea ? Conjunctivitis ? Eczema. Learn how to safely give over-the-counter (OTC) medicines if needed to ease a fever, runny nose, sore throat, or other common cold symptoms. Call if your child is younger than 12 months and you think he has the flu, or if he is not drinking or urinating enough. Several studies have shown that these OTC medicines don't actually help symptoms in children so young. So, it's OK to give one multi-symptom over-the-counter medicine -- as long as it fits your child's symptoms.
For example, many cold medicines for kids contain acetaminophen -- which is the same as Tylenol. If that means skipping a dose of over-the-counter medicine, don't worry -- you can give her the next dose when she wakes up, or wait until morning. If your child vomits up his medicine or spits some of it out, you may be tempted to give another dose. You'll just be guessing at the right dose, and some medicines are formulated differently for children. There are no antibiotics for flu or cold and surprisingly, most people don’t even need them during cold or flu infections. But, if your symptoms get worse or fail to improve after 10 days, then you must see your doctor. In case you find it hard to sleep, drugs like Nyquil are recommended to help adults recover faster. The best way to do it is by pressing a finger over one of the nostrils and gently blow to clear the other. Therefore, it is best to stick to age old grandmother’s home remedies that actually help in curing the diseases without taking a heavy toll on the body. It is highly contagious and can infect people through direct or indirect contact and the symptoms include runny nose, sore throat, body ache, low fever, watery eyes and sneezing. It also acts as a natural cure for bloating and gas, arthritis and reduces the symptoms of PMS. In addition, it is also an effective ingredient for natural weight loss, helps in lowering high blood pressure and reducing cholesterol in blood.
Enjoy a glass of fresh homemade orange juice or a nice warm drink prepared by mixing 2 table spoon of lemon juice and 1 table spoon of honey in a glass of warm water. The polyphenols and flavonoids present in green tea helps in increasing the resistance power of the body by strengthening the immune system that helps in fighting infectious agents.
It also acts as a powerful natural remedy for hair growth and treatment for dengue, rheumatism and skin infections. The body becomes more susceptible to viruses and bacteria when it is in an overly acidic state, but the alkalizing property of apple cider vinegar balanced the pH of the body and fights the irritating symptoms of colds. Raisins also helps in relieving constipation, improve bone and oral health and is an effective natural remedy for weight gain in a healthy way.

It also works as an effective anti-bacterial and anti-viral agent that fights viral infections, cough and cold. Taking antibiotics when you don’t need them, like for a cold or flu, is a waste and will not help you get better. If you take many courses of antibiotics, bacteria can change so that the antibiotic does not work against them any more.
3.Do not ‘save’ left over antibiotics for the next time you, your child, or any other family member is sick.
Impetigo Coughs & Colds Flu & Swine Flu German Measles Chicken Pox & Measles Diarrhoea & Vomiting.
Noroviruses are a group of viruses that are the most common cause of gastroenteritis (stomach bugs) in England and Wales.
Drugs and Your Health What advice would you give to a friend about how to use medicine safely? To avoid over-medicating your child, read and follow the directions, use the measuring device that is packaged with the medication, and don't choose products that treat symptoms your child doesn't have. In the same way, a cough medication may also contain other ingredients to treat congestion.
If your child has been taking an OTC medicine for more than three days, she should see her doctor. If your child's over-the-counter medicine came with its own cup or spoon, be sure to use it.
But you can't be sure how much of the OTC medicine your child actually swallowed, and giving another full dose risks giving too much. Use only products that are labeled for use in babies, infants, or children ("for pediatric use").
It is intended for general informational purposes only and does not address individual circumstances. A nasal saline spray is ideal for breaking up the mucus while keeping things in the head moving. In addition, it also works as a natural preventive measure for cancer, more specifically colon cancer. The best way to use cayenne pepper for treating colds and fever is to mix it in tea with a table spoon of honey. In addition, lemon also helps in improving digestion and acts as an effective natural remedy for removing sun tan. The best way to reap maximum benefits from green tea is to pour boiling water into a cup and dip a bag of green tea into it and let it soak for 10 minutes, enjoy with a tea spoon of honey. The best way to use night jasmine leaves for treating colds is to crush 5-8 leaves, extract the juice and consume it mixed with a tea spoon of honey.
Mix 2 table spoon of apple cider vinegar, 1 table spoon of honey and 1 table spoon of lemon juice in a glass of warm and say good bye to colds. The best way to use raisins for colds is to grind up a handful of raisins, add 2 tea spoons of sugar and water to it and heat the mixture till it forms a thick paste, consume 1 table spoon of this paste before going to bed. The best way to use turmeric for treating cold is to consume 2 tea spoons of turmeric powder mixed with a glass of warm water. Medication prescribed for you now may not be the right medicine for you again or for another person. For kids 6 and older, hard candy or over-the-counter lozenges with anesthetic can help reduce pain. For instance, don't choose a multi-symptom cold medicine or cough medicine for only a sore throat.
What if there is no measuring device with the medication and the label says to give a dose of 2 teaspoons? It is not a substitute for professional medical advice, diagnosis or treatment and should not be relied on to make decisions about your health. This is simply because most colds are viral infections and antibacterial medicines do not cure viruses, but treat bacteria diseases.
This kind of gargle can be prepared from tea that contains tannin to help tighten your membranes.
Consult a doctor before taking this drug especially if you have diabetes, high blood pressure, heart disease, prostate problems, or thyroid problems. The best way to sue holy basil for colds is to wash and boil 8-10 leaves with tea and sip it slowly. It poses a risk of Reye's syndrome, a rare but serious illness that affects the liver and brain. Call the doctor immediately or go to the emergency room if your infant has dry diapers, a dry mouth or tongue, or is not feeding well. But go to the emergency room if your child has trouble breathing, is acting very sick, refuses to eat or drink, has a rash, or you are concerned. Other home remedies to try: Inhaled steam from a hot shower or a cool mist vaporizer may help a stuffy nose.
Compare ingredients in the 'Drug Facts' box so you don't risk giving your child an overdose.
If your child hates the taste of the medicine, ask your pharmacist if you can mix it with a favorite food or drink.
Never ignore professional medical advice in seeking treatment because of something you have read on the WebMD Site. You can also use a viscous, thick gargle that contains a combination of honey and apple cider vinegar. In addition to all this, garlic also helps in lowering high blood pressure, cholesterol and reducing the chances of heart attack and stroke. Prepare delicious ginger tea by boiling water in a pan, grate one inch of fresh ginger and add it to the water along with 2 table spoon and lemon juice and one table spoon of honey and enjoy this soothing drink while relaxing in your bed. The best way to use it for relieving cough is to mix 1 tablespoon of honey and 1 table spoon of lemon juice in a cup of warm water and sip it slowly.
For an older child, call the doctor if he appears dehydrated, is not urinating enough, is not drinking well, or is not acting normally. Today, we would like to invite you to join us on this great journey and to improve your life with us.

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