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A daily powerful probiotic is one of the most effective ways, I believe, to staying healthy and keeping the colds, coughs and flues away. At the end of our detox retreats each participant goes home with 10 days supply of a professional strength probiotic, to welcome good bacteria into the freshly detoxed digestive system.
Good bacteria in our large intestines take care of the last part of digestion, and are part of our first-line defence against bad bacteria. Eating a diet of non-organic proteins, fibre-less processed cooked foods, sugar & alcohol, caffeinated and carbonated drinks, medicating (instead of nutrition and cleansing), toxic cosmetics and household products… Get the idea??? Unfortunately, we are often surrounded by advertising encouraging us to consume and create this kind of unhealthy internal environment, and our bodies can only deal effectively with a certain amount of the resulting toxicity.
Mainstream research is starting to link healthy strong immunity with the good bacteria content of the intestines, and is recognising that the extensive use of wide spectrum antibiotics diminishes the overall immunity and health of the patients.
For our health we need to support the growth of good bacteria on the outside and inside of our bodies. A good way to grow good bacteria is provide a daily pro-biotic supplement, together with natural care -  natural oil soaps, moisturisers and a diet of healthy foods. Probiotic and pre-biotic rich foods (see full list below) include yogurt, kefir (a fermented dairy drink), miso or tempeh.
Eat Organic whole foods, unprocessed – fresh raw fruits, vegetables, green leaf, nuts and seeds as well as cooked whole grains with lots of fibre. When we go into an old woods, or a mountain, a natural environment where animals are dying and defecating as usual, we find the air to be fresh and clean.
Karuna’s complete 7 days program cleanses your body via all 5 elimination channels (Intestines, Lungs, Kidneys, Liver, Skin) with Juice fasting, Yoga, Pranayama, Meditation, Detox Supplements, deep relaxation, massage therapy and skin brushing.
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April 30, 2015 by Mellissa Sevigny Probiotics have been touted as integral to good health for years.  Commercials about the latest yogurt or fermented product containing live cultures abound on both TV and the internet, making many of us wonder what the fuss is about, and if we should be making use of these products. I thought I would talk a little about why you might want to consider taking probiotics while on a low carb diet, because I’ve personally been reintroducing probiotic supplements into my own diet in the last few months. When you are on a very low carb diet for an extended time, your gut’s beneficial bacteria can starve and die off from a lack of  resistant starch and fiber. Here’s just one of the several articles I found discussing it, you can also Google it and do some further research on your own.
Culturelle is generously offering a coupon to make it even easier to try their probiotics and improve your immune health, which you can find over on their website.  They also have a convenient store locator feature that you can use to easily find where the Culturelle Probiotics are sold near you.
Add Culturelle Health and Wellness Probiotic to your daily routine with 100% Lactobacillus GG to support your immune system and keep you healthy, so you can be 100% you all day, every day. My name is Mellissa Sevigny, and I use my culinary powers for good here at IBIH by creating delicious and satisfying low carb and gluten free recipes.

Sometimes in looking for the miracle, we overlook the real miracle and better nutrition is very often that miracle. I say nutrition because you can be getting lots of food but very little nutrition as is the case with many people who overcook food, eat excessive amounts of junk and processed foods and over consume alcohol. The very first thing that should be done when there is a health problem is to check that basic nutrition is right, not just because this would be the easiest and best solution but nothing else is going to work while a deficiency exists. There are a huge range of causes of fatigue but certainly taking a multi vitamin and mineral supplement as recommend above in my special notes can greatly help with the conversion of carbohydrates to energy (one of your prime daily fuel sources). This is one of the most upsetting conditions of all.  Taking 1000mg to 2000mg of L-tryptophan together with a supplement containing about 400mg calcium and 200mg magnesium 60 minutes before bedtime is an amazing and natural solution with no side effects that soothes and calms the system. There are 3 supplements that greatly help with irritable bowel, diverticulitis and Chron’s disease. This annoying condition is very often due to a weakness in the walls of your veins and capillaries.
Very often this is caused by a faulty digestive system resulting in foul gases escaping back up your digestive tract. Created by DieticianDavid Mc DonaghDavid is considered a leading authority on weight loss, metabolism and motivation. However, if we are living a modern lifestyle, we’re more likely to have a reversed ratio.
We can do this by not disinfecting our skin or surfaces unnecessarily, by not feeding the bad bacteria, and by providing good bacteria with nourishment. When we disinfect a surface, externally or internally, as in the use of wide-spectrum antibiotics, we are creating a platform for the growth of hardier bad bacteria. Which will enable you to quickly notice when there is a negative symptom, pain, change of smell, or composition, and to find a healthy response to the need your body is expressing. Reducing the burden of toxicity enhances functionality and balance of the body, and inspires an internal mental-shift by reducing internal toxicity levels.
They always want to play with us, exercise with us, sleep next to us – they’ll do anything just to make us happy. Did you know that a diet formulated with wholesome, natural ingredients could help your dog live a longer, healthier life, but that most dog foods aren’t made up of natural ingredients? Many of the health conditions and aches and pains explained and unexplained that you suffer from can often be greatly improved and often with better basic nutrition. Then add the nutrition depleting lifestyle factors of stress, over medication and smoking and the bleak reality becomes even more clear! Your whole body – bones, skin, glands, organs and hormones are continuously being recycled and are built on the nutrition you are getting. Here below I address some of the most common complaints I come across and I offer some great potential solutions to them. I have had amazing results after 6 weeks with clients who take a probiotic (friendly bacteria) supplement providing the equivalent of 12 billion bacteria taken with 2 x 1200mg lecithin capsules in the morning and repeat the probiotic supplement in the evening but just take 1 x 1200mg lecithin this time. Add 1 seafood kelp tablet and also a sub-lingual (placed under the tongue) supplement of vitamin B12 for even better results. If you are not concerned about it from an appearance perspective it is still worth solving because it has implications for your long term health.
Seeing as your digestive system is the starting point of everything you are health wise you certainly need to conquer this condition.

In treating conditions we seem to forget to look at the basics, the foundation, and nutrition is the foundation. Through his extensive research and study he has brought these fields to a new level of science and professionalism.
Bad bacteria does the opposite and strains the immune system by producing more toxins every day.
Using wide-spectrum antibiotics can effectively kill good bacteria as well as the unwanted kind. This is because living organisms have a symbiotic relationship with bacteria, is helps us grow and it helps us compost, releasing nutrients into the soil. Karuna Detox Retreat, our sister company, leads detox programs since year 2000, offering the expert guidance you need to achieve your health goals. When given a break from digesting new food the system works to repair and maintain itself, first by eliminating waste products from our cells via lymph system, the intestine and and the other of elimination: skin, liver, kidneys, lungs. Too often we dive for a medicine to try to fix a problem which actually simply has nutritional deficiencies at its root cause. Studies show there are 80% deficiencies in nutrients like zinc, potassium, magnesium, chromium, vitamin D and essential fats and that is just the beginning of the story. Add to this a good essential fat supplement containing a ratio of 2:1 omega 3 to omega 6 essential fats for better lubrication and anti-inflammatory benefits and you are guaranteed great improvement!
Try a supplement containing 500mg of time released vitamin C which includes additional bioflavonoids, rutin and hesperidin. A probiotic (friendly bacteria) supplement providing the equivalent of 12 billion with a digestive enzyme supplement taken morning and evening is a real help.
Take 250mg daily of phosphatidyl choline with 200mg DMAE and 40mg phosphatidyl serine and you will be amazed with the results. Therefore taking a good multi vitamin and mineral supplement should be the foundation of any supplement program and then you should add to this the supplements for your condition as recommended below.
The bad smell associated with bowel movements, for example, has a lot to do with the lack of good bacteria content. It would be ideal if you could get all your nutrients from your foods but this is becoming more and more impossible.
This works for all ages but is especially great for students studying and for older people with memory problems.
A good brisk 2 mile walk 3 times a week is often shown to be far more effective for improving depression than any drugs not to mention the other incredible benefits you get for blood pressure, cholesterol, heart health and weight loss.
Food processing, spraying and storage are ensuring that nutrient levels continue to fall while our lifestyles mean demands go up. Once again a good probiotic supplement (friendly bacteria) is great, but this time take the equivalent of 24 billion bacteria both morning and evening. Also adding a teaspoon of linseeds to your meals morning and evening and building up to 2 teaspoons morning and evening should greatly help. However, never change your anti-depression medication without consulting your doctor but you should insist on working towards getting off it and working on natural solutions!

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