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The global problem of antibiotic resistance is fast becoming one of the major scientific issues of modern times. The development of new antibiotics is slow and difficult work but bacterial resistance is decreasing our arsenal of existing drugs posing a catastrophic threat as ordinary infections become untreatable. Browse through our guide to Ten of the Worst Antibiotic Resistant Bacteria, or discover more about tackling resistance on the Longitude Prize website. All our work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 4.0 International License, unless it says otherwise. A Hickman catheter is an in-dwelling intravenous catheter which is intended for long term use. Using the latest minimally invasive image-guided techniques and applying our specialist vascular knowledge, Sydney Medical Interventions plays a pivotal role in providing patients with minimally invasive options as an alternative to more radical procedures and open surgery. I am fortunate to have noted the ticks and bites early, and so far I am not sick, but I am taking the antibiotic Doxycycline prophylactically for 2 weeks, though I wonder if it should be 3 or 4 weeks.
The world is scary enough with all the nut-cases out there, but tick bites are a worry we all face when enjoying the outdoors.

The truly scary part is the widespread ignorance and dogmatic stupidity in the medical profession, insurer denials, and the misdiagnosed symptoms. The Longitude Prize aims to improve our ability to target infections more precisely by encouraging the development of new tools.
Intravenous medications such as chemotherapy and antibiotics can be administered through the Hickman catheter.
But I was also bitten by an unknown creepy crawly, which left a 1mm bloody spot, which scabbed then turned into a spreading rash, now 18mm in diameter two weeks post-bite.
Too many people have had their lives ruined by Lyme, and I certainly don’t intend to become one of them.
Some, like Tuberculosis for example, are already a huge challenge to overcome in their own right and will only become harder to control as their resistance to antibiotics grows. It is tunnelled for a distance under the skin on the chest wall and inserted in a vein just above the collarbone and advanced to the largest vein in the body, adjacent to the heart.

The Hickman catheter may be used to withdraw blood for analysis as well as administering blood products. This is one case where the downside is so compellingly nasty that preventive treatment is a no-brainer.
They provide long term access to the patient’s venous system and reduce the need for constant needles and cannulas.
The tip of the catheter requires to be precisely placed in the vascular system and this is confirmed with an angiogram.

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