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Durban – A disease last seen in Durban 26 years ago has killed a child and has two others critically ill, with doctors fighting to save them with antibiotics. A health official said three more children were “strongly suspected” of being infected with diphtheria, a highly contagious bacterial disease. Diphtheria (from Greek: ??????? diphthera, meaning leather) is due to an infection caused by the bacterium Corynebacterium diphtheriae.
The neck may swell in part due to large lymph nodes.[1] A form of diphtheria that involves the skin, eyes, or genitals also exists. Myocarditis may result in an abnormal heart rate and inflammation of the nerves may result in paralysis. 8-year-old boy who died was transferred from Prince Mshiyeni Hospital to Inkosi Albert Luthuli Central Hospital after running a fever for three days.
In spite of some initial improvement with antibiotic treatment in intensive care, he “developed unexpected complications and died”, the NICD said.
University of KwaZulu-Natal clinical microbiology lecturer, Dr Yacoob Coovadia, said diphtheria could damage the heart, nerves or kidneys within 10 to 14 days. He said because the disease was so uncommon, South Africa – as well as many other countries – did not keep the antibody which neutralises the toxin released by the diphtheria bacteria. According to doctors, Diphtheria could only be eradicated through a successful immunisation programme, he said.
The NICD said the mother of the boy who died confirmed her son had not received the second booster vaccine two years ago.
Two of the children are from the same section in uMlazi, and the other child is from Chatsworth, and is being treated at RK Khan Hospital.
This being Global Vaccination Week, Coovadia said the sudden resurgence of diphtheria was extremely concerning especially because the bacteria was airborne and spread through inhalation when the infected person sneezed or coughed.
After the outbreak, the Department of Health conducted a “catch-up” vaccination campaign in the area and schools.

In a statement issued during the observation of Child Health Week earlier this month, Health MEC Dr Sibongiseni Dhlomo said his department was “determined to accelerate child health services drastically to save more children’s lives”.
MRSA is commonly obtained from gyms, fitness centers, swimming pools locker rooms, hot tubs and individuals involved in sports. Since MRSA is resistant to Penicillins, which is what caused the fear in the community for the most part, other antibiotic classes are used, and used effectively. Complications may include myocarditis, inflammation of nerves, kidney problems, and bleeding problems due to low blood platelets. He had massively swollen tonsils and a “bull neck” which made it difficult for him to breathe. Because of this, their families and those who had been in close contact with the children were tested and given antibiotics as a preventative measure. From a clinical point of view it is important to determine resistance of the tested strain to oxacillin (and other related antibiotics of choice for staphylococcal infections). It was more common in nursing homes and hospital facilities and over the years has made it’s way to the public sector.
The sharing of towels, and even if the equipment is not sterilized appropriately MRSA can be a problem. Penicillins, and Cephalosporins like Keflex are not the drug of choice for these infections. This author’s last seven cases of MRSA all involved children or young adults who had spent time at fitness centers, or were athletes such as being involved in football, wrestling or some contact sport. It may or may not reach a time where it will drain, and should not be pushed on or attempted to be squeezed like a pimple.
Make sure coaches, athletic directors and personnel in charge of gymnasiums and fitness centers are aware and clean their equipment daily.
We say suspected because although there has been a clinical diagnosis, lab tests are yet to confirm it,” he said.

When MRSA becomes infectious to the respiratory system, or systemically effecting general systems it is much more serious and needs hospitalization. Louis Rams football team had a rather large outbreak and their locker room had to be methodically sterilized. For individuals who have recurrent MRSA an antibiotic cream is often given given to apply intra-nasally twice a day since the bacteria frequently can harbor in the nose or around the anus. When you suspect a skin lesion as described, see your health care provider as soon as possible. Of course the media grabbed onto this story and fear spread due to a general lack of knowledge of this bacteria. When MRSA is at it’s beginning stages it can be treated without incising which saves the patient some pain. Cultres should always be taken at time of the incision to assess what the bacteria is and what antibiotics it is sensitive to. MRSA when presented in the media can be scary, however when we put it in perspective it can easily be treated at an urgent care facility with an excellent outcome. For individuals with recurrent MRSA, Bactroban cream should be prescribed, with application twice a day intra-nasally for five days. Your clinician may also want you to shower using Hibiclens scrubs once a day for seven days, as well as cleaning chairs and cars with upholstery.

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