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Yuppie flu symptoms, cure tinnitus permanently & naturally - PDF Review

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Afflicted: Lynn in bed with her pet hamster Polo at the age of 25THE AGONISING TRUTH ABOUT 'YUPPIE FLU' ME affects up to 250,000 sufferers in Britain. The symptoms included profound malaise, headache, low-grade fever, sore throat and nausea as well as unusually severe depression and emotional lability. Researchers say chronic fatigue syndrome, the debilitating condition once derided as ‘yuppie flu’, is a genuine illness. If you happened to meet anyone, ANYONE with ME, it would be immediately clear that it has nothing to do with mental illness, and the bundle of quite physical symptoms and faulty blood test results is due to an undiagnosed physical illness.

File photoIt should also help ease the stigma that has led to sufferers being dismissed as malingerers who imagine their symptoms.ME affects some 250,000 Britons and is more common in women than men. She dismissed her symptoms as temporary exhaustion caused by her hectic schedule but in May 2013 developed excruciating pain throughout her body.She also suffered migraines, dizziness and digestion problems. It was called ‘yuppie flu’ in the 1980s because sufferers tend to be aged between 20 and 40 and the illness was most frequently seen among professional people.Symptoms include extreme physical and mental fatigue and painful limbs. This article will soon begin to feel bitter in your mouth for you have just put down and fluffed off people who are terribly ill and suffer and try to get back to normal and nothing works.

There is currently no test or cure and doctors are able to diagnose it only after ruling out other possible causes, including flu, diabetes and depression.

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