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When asked to describe how the tinnitus sounds, he explained that the tinnitus he experiences fluctuates without warning between a loud train whistle, angry cicadas and happy cicadas. Luckily for his community, students and football team, Faust decided to seek treatment for his tinnitus before walking away from the profession he loves.
His goal is to teach and coach for another three years, but he came close to stepping away from the sideline and the career he loves due to debilitating tinnitus. He sought advice from a local audiologist and tried a couple of different combination devices before he found the relief he was looking for.

He’s put on thousands of miles on the ground and in the air, all of which is easier with his tinnitus under control.
It can be customized and fine-tuned to relieve the unique and irritating sounds tinnitus sufferers hear. The tinnitus is the most bothersome for him in quiet environments – falling asleep was especially challenging. Combination tinnitus devices take the focus off tinnitus by providing sound therapy while prescriptively correcting hearing loss when needed.

Find out more about Xino Tinnitus or call to find a hearing healthcare provider near you.

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