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Why can't i sleep after drinking, ringing in right ear dizziness - Within Minutes

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Most people assume correctly that liquor and beer can actually get your eyelids feeling downright leaden, as anyone who's had a taste of alcohol has surely experienced its sleep-promoting qualities. For tons more info on alcohol's effects on sleep, check out this exhaustive overview at The National Institute on Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism. Sorry kids: One bright, punishing morning sometime in your mid-to-late twenties, you're going to wake up after the usual night of pounding the brews with a truly brutal hangover. But unless you're a doctor or paramedic or someone who lives near this new Chicago clinic offering a hangover cure, you can't just pop in an IV full of saline, vitamins, headache and nausea meds every morning and revitalize before your big meeting. Take it from me: After years of drinking the wrong way and getting away with murder on my organs (debatable!) I have finally learned how to Gently Party. Apparently you're going to pay for drinking two-buck chuck, cheap beer and liquor in more wicked hangovers.

Let's take a look at some of the important differences between drunk sleep and sober sleep, including why it's so damn hard to sleep in after a tipple-tastic night on the town. In fact, even a single-cocktail nightcap can have an undesired effect on your sleep cycle if you make a habit of it. This effect results from the body's adjustment to the presence of alcohol during the first half of the sleep period in an effort to maintain a normal sleep pattern. Once alcohol is eliminated from the body, however, these adjustments result in sleep disruption.
Now you know why: the clearance of alcohol from your body probably triggered a rebound effect, ripping you right out of the deepest period of your sleep cycle.
Researchers at Bristol University have shown drinking several cups each morning helps people to work more efficiently.But heavy consumption of more than four cups a day has been linked to ill health.

So after the nice dinner and the one drink, I drink two drinks a little more quickly together.
With this totally responsible plan for drinking that almost takes every bit of the fun out of it, you can still get your buzz on and stay functional. One thing I've definitely learned is that I can never, ever, ever, ever, no matter what, don't feed-them-after-midnight, drink moonshine without debilitating hangovers. You can actually get out of bed and procure sustenance for yourself and don't have to beg your ex-boyfriend to leave work and hand deliver you a bagel.

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