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What to do for insomnia depression, ata tinnitus sounds - Reviews

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Beat the stress, depression, insomnia, and other mental problems as well as enhance creativity, concentration, memory, etc. New research being presented this week at a meeting of the Association for Behavioral and Cognitive Therapies will show results that indicate treating insomnia among people with depression may dramatically boost rates of recovery.
The study being presented is one of 4 major research endeavors sponsored by the National Institute of Mental Health and dedicated to furthering our understanding of the impact of disrupted sleep on the course of depression. Success StoriesShock and deep emotional pain from an extremely challenging and unexpected family situation tilted me, several months after its resolution, into a post traumatic depression.

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This is important news and could dramatically change and broaden treatment for millions of people who suffer the debilitating effects of depression.
In particular, this group of studies—all of which are expected to be published in 2014—explores the use of cognitive behavioral therapy for insomnia, often referred to as CBT-I. CBT-I does not involve the use of prescription sleep aids, a welcome change of direction from the increasing reliance on chemical aids for sleep.

A substantial body of research shows that CBT-I can be a highly effective treatment for insomnia, even when the sleep disorder occurs in the presence of another illness or health condition. Studies also suggest that this form of sleep therapy works as well or even better than prescription sleep medications.

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