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The album was recorded entirely at Adem’s own house and that contributes to this song’s warmth and intimacy. The album was recorded entirely at Adem's own house and that contributes to this song's warmth and intimacy. A black dwarf is a white dwarf that has sufficiently cooled to no longer emit significant heat or light.
Tinnitus is a common problem with an enormous array of possible causes that are not yet fully understood.

The sound from this cooling causes ringing which would sound like a trillion infinities crying out. What you most likely are experiencing is a condition called tinnitus, a ringing sound heard in the ear in the absence of corresponding external sounds. The subjective type could be caused by more factors than are even possible to list but the concept with this one is that there is no real measurable cause and no objective test to put a number on how the condition affects the patient.
Pulsatile tinnitus is one kind of objective tinnitus and this is the name given when the person describes the sound they hear as blood pulsing inside the ears. It can vary from mild cases that are just a bit annoying to extreme cases that inhibit daily life.
While the definition only includes ringing, many people claim that the noise is more like swishing, whistling, humming, beeping, or other disturbing sound.

In extreme cases of pulsatile tinnitus, those who suffer from it say that they can even sense the ebb and flow of the blood in between the beats of pulse. It has been reported that over-exposure to loud noises is one of the most significant causes of subjective tinnitus so reducing the exposure to these loud noises and environment can reduce the effects of tinnitus.
Also, it has been shown that certain medications’ side effects include tinnitus so avoiding these can reduce tinnitus as well.

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