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What is sleep training, post menopause sleeplessness - Reviews

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Among friends, I think it’s nice to trade tips and tricks, to commiserate about what’s going on and to share ideas. Because it was never clear when or if E would go to sleep if you tried to put her down, we really didn’t have any discernable rhythm or rhyme to her nighttime routine. But at the very least, if nothing here resonates with you, I hope that those of you who are still living with sleepless nights will know that there is a light at the end of the tunnel.
Our baby is one month shy of 2 years-young and we’ve slept in the same bed where he was born since the day he was born and we love it so much. At 16-months-old, our daughter, Little E, finally gave up the ghost and slept through the night.
My child held out so long without sleeping through the night that I was sure it would never happen, but there were other areas of life where she was easy and laid back.
But to you, stranger in the grocery store who wanted to tell me why my baby was crying and what to do about it: not helpful.

It was hard work not to just internalize E’s lack of sleep as some personal failure on our part.
I’d heard all the buzz about SIDS and safe sleeping, but I quickly learned that there are very safe ways to co-sleep. And so often it seems that when moms ask each other this question, they are actually asking about it to compare or contrast the ways their own child is sleeping, and that’s good for no one. And there were times when I parented in ways I wasn’t proud of: I was tired, sleep deprived and downright cranky. After three nights of walking a crying baby around and around, only to finally get her to sleep, set her down, and watch her instantly wake up, we were desperate. What our story says to me is that this was the right time for sleep “training.” E was ready for more sleep space and so we were we. I had to keep reminding myself that this was the journey that we were on, and E would sleep when she slept, and that the whole story of my being a mother to E was not defined by one bad night.

But having said all of that, I am so aware of the multitude of events in the life of each child that will definitely cause many sleepless nights for parents for the next 18 years or so.
And perhaps I am more sensitive to these because all five of my children were deep, sound, long sleepers (I was lucky on that score). So, in my experience, once you become a parent, you are pretty much going to experience sleep deprivation for the next 18 years or so at minimum.

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