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A preferred alternative is plant medicine, from Mother Nature, and thankfully herbal remedies are readily available; herbal teas, eating the right foods, or even just a few drops of essential oil on your pillow at night can all do wonders! One of the more common herbal sleeping aids, Valerian is a muscle relaxant and is very sedating. Kava-Kava is extremely sedating, and it is not recommended to combine this herb with other sedating herbs, or with alcohol. If digestive complaints are keeping you up, Mugwort may be the right herbal remedy for you. Folk medicine was suppressed in Europe thanks to the cultural forces from Rome, and many herbalists were burned at the stake for their uncanny knowledge of the natural world. So we have a double taboo against studying herbs: an ancient religious doctrine combined with commercial scientific interests. This hasn’t stopped the modern pharmaceutical industry from plundering indigenous knowledge bases about herbs, of course, but it has limited the public funding opportunities for current studies on the effectiveness of many revered and powerful herbs and plant medicines. See your medical provider if you have doubts, and do your homework before trying any herbal remedy. Several clinical studies suggest that valerian alone is not effective in the long-term for insomnia.
Most European herbal sleep remedies contain passion flower, or Passiflora incarnata, even though the plant comes from the tropical regions of the Americas, where it was widely used by the Aztecs, according to journals from 16th century conquistadors. The leaves and flowers have a mild flavor, and has a reputation for reducing anxiety and sleeplessness caused by anxiety.
While few peer-reviewed studies have been funded for passion flower, it is actually listed as a herbal tranquilizer in Germany.
Chamomile may be the most recognized sleep aid, but actually many clinical studies have shown no effects of the herb for those suffering with chronic insomnia.
Our knowledge of Kava, or Piper methysticum, comes from indigenous cultures in the Western Pacific, who have used the roots of this shrub in intoxicating beverages for centuries. Be warned, kava has a bad reputation because several herbal remedies with kava have been implicated in cases of liver toxicity in Europe. Drinking liquid kava prepared as we have in the Western Pacific for centuries is the best way to use kava. I need help for my 20 son he has severe insomnia, ADHD, anxiety, and no melatonin production if he does it doesn’t work. This herb it is called “Kratom” and comes under various strength I suggest to experiment with what you consider best and small quantities and then go up until you find your desired results. Anyway since I started trying myself Kratom for my knees pains, I liked the relax and my great nights effects and tried half cup tea with my son, after 15 minutes the effect was effective in that he was calm, but not zombie type as with the med! I'm a consciousness researcher with a passion for sharing how dreams and intuitive ways of knowing can be invited back into modern life. After a long chilly day not feeling so well, I know personally, I look forward to sleep like it is the greatest thing of all time.

That just opens a whole new set of concerns; what kind of chemicals are in the tablet, are they dangerous etc. Chamomile is a time-honored sedative herb which can be safely used by children and adults alike.
California Poppy is my favorite sedative and sleep-promoting herb which can currently be found in a variety of herbal remedies sold in the United States for promoting sleep, helping one to relax, and easing mild anxiety.
Passion Flower is considered by herbalists to be an important herb for insomnia caused by mental worry, overwork, or nervous exhaustion. Christopher Hobbs, herbs for sleep concerns, plant power, Rainbow light, Vegan, Willy B Mum on January 19, 2015 by WillyBMum2014. Western culture sent these healing methods underground and repressed all kinds of herbal knowledge along with it.
Some herbs may actually counteract other prescription drugs or be dangerous if used in combination with alcohol or sedatives, and others may be dangerous when combined with antidepressants. I am providing some reputable resources at the end of the article to consult for further reading. I would say that, in general, any difficultly sleeping that lasts over two weeks may require more medical assistance than any herb can provide. Like many of the “sleep herbs” listed here, kava is not technically a sedative, and has had mixed results in treating insomnia. In fact the National Institutes of Health suggests that kava may be just as effective as Valium for promoting calmness. I recommend over all this precious herb for pain management, for stress, anxiety, insomnia, lack of mental strength and focus, we’ll being, mood problems,ect,ect. One only needs to take a walk down the sleep aid aisle in any pharmacy, to see that there is obviously a need for this kind of medication. Chamomile tea is commonly used in Europe, South America, and Mexico for insomnia and restlessness combined with irritability, particularly in children.
A few drops of lavender oil added to a bath before bedtime are recommended for persons with sleep disorders. John’s Wort is a common yellow-flowered weedy herb from Europe that is quickly becoming an important part of modern herbal therapeutics.
He is an internationally renowned herbalist, licensed acupuncturist and botanist, has been formulating market leading natural supplements exclusively for Rainbow Light® since 1985. We will now consider 10 natural herbs that can help you get a good night’s sleep and how to use them. The oil can do double duty by moisturizing the skin and acting as a sedating herb, allowing you to get a good night’s sleep. One cup of Mugwort tea an hour or two before bedtime will help you get a good night’s sleep. Valerian with hops also has some clinically proven results for sleeplessness, according to a 2005 study reported in the journal Sleep.

Passion flower is used for minor sleep problems in both children and adults, and is safe even in large doses. Modern scientific studies show that it can help relieve chronic insomnia and mild depression when related to certain brain chemistry imbalances. With more than 35 years of clinical experience in herbal medicine, Hobbs has authored 25 books, including Herbal Remedies for Dummies and Women’s Herbs, Women’s Health.
You rush around trying to get everything wrapped up at the end of the day, putting the kids to bed, preparing for another hectic day tomorrow, and then find yourself lying in bed for hours… with no shut-eye in sight. Because this herb can sensitize the skin to sunlight, if you are taking a full dose, avoid direct skin exposure to bright sunlight. When a client comes to me with insomnia, I usually have to ask about diet, lifestyle, supplementation and when and how the insomnia occurs in order to recommend a treatment that will work.So, here’s a little breakdown (and I’ll try to keep it interesting…that last thing I want is for this article to be an insomnia cure). So, I’m going to break it down here into these three types: evening, morning, and occasional insomnia.
Before we get to the herbs, a little practical advice: herbs help support a healthy body and body rhythms, however, they cannot do all of the work. Try taking four capsules about an hour or so before bed (I’d avoid the tincture on this herb…valerian is wickedly stinky and unpleasant tasting).
Valerian is a good sedative, but you won’t have any of the groggy side effects of a regular sedative. This herb not only helps you to fall asleep, it improves the quality of your sleep as well.
It can be taken in large doses (I usually keep taking it until I feel calm and tired) and for long periods of time. This herb is completely safe for most of the population (although due to the natural steroids found in hops, pregnant women and children under two years of age should avoid it).
However, the cause behind morning insomnia tends to be a spike in cortisol levels (a steroid hormone released by the adrenal glands in response to stress).
However, you can try the following first, and see how you do.Also—I’ve found that people who eat low-carbohydrate diets (fewer than 14 grams of carbs per meal) tend to suffer from this type of insomnia.
Try taking this herb before bed or when you wake in the night only (more so than the other recommended herbs, since magnolia bark promotes rapid drowsiness, don’t take it during the day or before operating vehicles or heavy machinery). Not only does this herb delay the release of cortisol, it gets to work healing the effects of stress on the body. She is a long-time teacher and student and has been in the healing practices for over a decade.

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