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Considering the necessity of quality sleep on the body’s functioning, the disorder can have serious implications on an insomniac’s health.
A family doctor can diagnose insomnia by a physical examination and a thorough look at the medical and sleep history. But for the one in three Britons who suffer from insomnia, the longer term effects are more worrying. Just a sleepless night or two nights seems to warrant an individual as an insomniac; but, the characteristics of this disorder extend beyond this description. Dr Cervantes describes what is considered adequate sleep and what happens to insomniacs who are naturally lacking.

Studies have linked sleep problems to obesity, heart disease, high blood pressure, diabetes and depression, while recent research has found that sleeping too much, as well as too little, increases the risk of stroke.
There are many signs that accompany this condition that is often stress-related or caused by health problems or psychological factors.
As for treatment, Dr Cervantes advocates for identifying the cause and addressing them appropriately before any medication is prescribed. The causes for the disorder are wide ranging, from underlying health problems to environmental changes to psychological stressors.
Some research suggests that sleeping until noon on Saturday can help you bounce back, especially if you’re young.

Research on shift workers shows that reversing our natural rhythm is associated with a host of health problems including increased risk of breast cancer for women.

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