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Ear infections are something that affects both adults but mostly, children are prone to the same, especially those under the age of two.
Garlic is an ingredient that is not only rich in relieving pain but also has antiviral, antibacterial and antifungal properties, which aids in treating the infection. For this treatment, you need to heat oil in some mustard or sesame oil till it turns black, then pour this oil into the ear. This is another remedy that can be used at home, since the vinegar helps in combating infection and prevents it from spreading further too. Basil is a plant that is again rich in antibacterial properties and helps in faster healing of viral infections like cold and cough along with ear infections, which are usually interrelated.

If the cause of the infection is blockage of the Eustachian tubes, the obstruction can be cleared using the same. The causes for ear infections range from blockage of the wind and nasal pipe due to cold and can be due to external factors like cold weather also.
While warm, soak some cotton in it and then put it gently on the ears, but do remember to soak out the excess liquid.
It warms up the system and also treats different kinds of infections, especially if pus is there. Put a couple of drops in to the ear and then after a couple of minutes, clean using a cotton swab.

The steam enters the nose and clears the nasal passage, thus in turn clearing the ear drums and canal leading to the ears.
It also provides a warming effect that helps to heal better and treat your infection completely.

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