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Talking on a mobile phone could dramatically increase the risk of the agonising ear disorder tinnitus, research suggests.
Having one for at least four years doubles the odds of the condition in which buzzing, humming and ringing disturbs sleep, intrudes on work and affects quality of life, it found. With one in seven people suffering from the incurable condition at some point in their lives, finding out more about its causes could benefit millions. The Austrian researchers compared the mobile phone use of 100 people being treated for tinnitus with 100 others of a similar age. All were quizzed about the type of phone they used, and where, as mobile phone output tends to be stronger in rural areas. They were also asked about the intensity and duration of calls, ear preference, and use of hand held devices.
Analysis of the results showed that those who had used a mobile before the onset of tinnitus were 37 per cent more likely to have the condition. Those who used their mobiles for an average of ten minutes a day were 71 per cent more likely to have the condition, the journal Occupational and Environmental Medicine reported. Most strikingly, those who had used a mobile for four years or more were twice as likely to have tinnitus compared with those in the comparison group.

Researcher Hans-Peter Hutter, of the Medical University of Vienna, acknowledged that the results could have been skewed by tinnitus patients over-estimatanding how much they had used mobiles in the past.
But he added that even if they were tempted to blame the devices for their ill health, it is unlikely they would have got the year they started using one wrong. The radiation emitted by mobiles may damage the delicate workings of the inner ear, he added. It is also possible that the pressure created by jamming a mobile between ear shoulder while walking along triggers tinnitus. John Cooke, executive director of the Mobile Operators Association, which represents the industry, said other studies had failed to find a link between mobile phones and hearing.
And Dr Ralph Holme, of the Royal National Institute for Deaf People, said more research was needed to prove it. In April, Professor Lawrie Challis, a Government adviser, said that children are not 'little adults' and should not be given mobiles until they are at least 12.
Even then, teenagers should use their phones to send text messages rather than talk, the physicist and expert on the effects of radiation added. The views expressed in the contents above are those of our users and do not necessarily reflect the views of MailOnline.

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