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What causes sleepless nights when pregnant, causes of pulsatile tinnitus in one ear - How to DIY

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Before you think this is a free pass to forgo sleep, consider that your best bet to feel rested and energized is by avoiding sleepless nights in the first place. If you've recently had a sleepless night or suffer from repeated sleepless nights, spend some time thinking about the reasons they happened and ways to avoid them. If you stay awake after a sleepless night, you can still recover to a good degree by slowing down your thoughts.
If you’re tired and irritated because of a sleepless night (or more), you may be easily be put off by this statement. There are many reasons for having a bad night of sleep: baby kept you up, you were studying or traveling, or you were out having fun.

That means eating light and frequently, which will help you avoid further fatigue that is the result of your body's energy going to digestion and causing fluctuations in your blood sugar level.
It seems that you'll need a lot of sleep when there has been a lot of information taken in (especially students) and little sleep when brain activity has not been too high. The good news is, in most cases, you can recover completely with just one good night's sleep. Since sound sleep isn’t always possible, here is your guide to recovering from those energy-sapping sleepless nights. You see this in infants when they go somewhere new or see a lot of people, they get sleepy – too much stimulation – so they need to hit the sack.

If you have no idea what that is or think it's only for yogi's, just look up some introductory videos on the Internet.

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