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Answer   Sinus congestion is probably the cause of the ringing in your ears and even the dizziness. Well according to the different symptoms that you have described it sounds like your sinuses are congested. Ringing or buzzing in the ears is an irritant feel, because we hear something that others do not hear. Cause of buzzing may be clogged ears, impaired hearing, ear injuries, high blood pressure, etc.
Ringing in the ears should not be ignored, it should be examine with ENT specialist examination. Ringing in the ears, if is related with some other symptoms, such as for example the pressure in the head and dizziness, may indicate an elevated pressure. Nowadays are popular sticks for cleaning the ears, and once the ears were cleaned from outside only with a towel after bathing.
If there is a problem with tinnitus or bit hard of hearing, maybe we should get good wash the ears.
Ginkgo biloba is an herb that if taken, provides that the blood supply to the blood vessels of the neck and head, and thereby can stopped of ringing in the ear. Caffeine and tobacco are not desirable, if you have ringing in your ears, because they can contribute situation even worse. Garlic and celery can contribute to reduce ringing in the ears, if it is the result of high blood pressure. It is believed that regular exercise and physical activity can contribute to reduce or completely disappear ringing in the ears, in that way that they increases circulation. Health Benefits of LycheeThe roots of Lychee are in South China, where this exotic fruit is very important within the culture.

Check What Eating Cucumbers Daily Can Do to YouCucumbers together with watermelons belong to the melon family group.
Every Sleeping Position and What It Does to Your HealthThe reason why you have neck, back pain, premature wrinkles and even stomach problems, can be your preferred sleeping pose. When your sinuses become congested and blocked they create pressure in… your head that can make you feel dizzy and even lead to tinnitus (this is the medical term for the ringing in the ears). You see what happens when your sinuses are congested, they actually… create pressure in your head that can even cause facial pain, tooth ache like pain and frontal headaches. Some get used to the ringing in the ears and expects it goes away, but instead it can be intensify. Sticks for the ears are good if they properly used, but some people (especially children) are pushed the sticks too deeply into the ear to better clean the ears.
Sempervivum tectorum (common houseleek) is an herb that is used in traditional medicine for ear pain or for dissolving wax in the ear. These vices have a weakening effect on the circulation of the neck and head, and in no way contribute to the reduction of tinnitus. The pressure in your eyes and in your different sinuses is also created due to sinus congestion. When your sinuses become congested they build up pressure in the head and this in turn also results in your body draining mucus down the back of the throat (this condition is known as post nasal drip). It is manifested as a pulsing in the ear, the tone of which is constantly going on, rustling, hissing and even drumming. Maybe it was has accumulated too much of earwax (cerumen) in the ears, and that it is the smallest problem. Using of sound therapy it maybe is a good idea, because although it will not stop buzzing, listening to music will significantly disguise the inner sound.

It’s a mistake, because that can damage the ear canal or to push earwax deeper into the ear and that we have a problem with tinnitus or with that will be decreased the hearing. Depending on the amount and consistency of the masses, it is possible that can cause clogged ears, hearing temporarily become weak and also buzzing in the ears.Ear wash is easy and can be done in any Health Center where has ENT.
When you have severe sinus congestion and a sinus infection, this can even lead to an ear infection.
There is an option so you can washed ears at home, you can used a syringe with water or unscrew the shower and hose to directly into the ear. It is possible that due to the aging has been a partial hearing loss, it is necessary hearing aid. When the water at the proper angle and with an appropriate pressure enters the ear, that will washes and cleans all dirt in the ear. I have had sinus pressure problems previously   The burning sensation that you have described is most likely due to infected mucus membranes.
This website is definitely one of the most informative websites currently available on the net for sinuses. I would personally recommend Sinuswars as the company has a wide variety of products that will help treat different symptoms described in the question, but sinusbuster also has a good product for decongestion.

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