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What causes head pressure and ringing in ears, tinnitus sound effect - PDF Review

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Answer   Sinus congestion is probably the cause of the ringing in your ears and even the dizziness. When your sinuses become congested and blocked they create pressure in… your head that can make you feel dizzy and even lead to tinnitus (this is the medical term for the ringing in the ears).
You see what happens when your sinuses are congested, they actually… create pressure in your head that can even cause facial pain, tooth ache like pain and frontal headaches.

The pressure in your eyes and in your different sinuses is also created due to sinus congestion. When you have severe sinus congestion and a sinus infection, this can even lead to an ear infection. I have had sinus pressure problems previously   The burning sensation that you have described is most likely due to infected mucus membranes.

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