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Most cases of a clicking neck are harmless but indicates a progressing condition, if the clicking noise can be repeated with every tilt or twist of the head. Herniated vertebral disc (bulging disc) may cause two neighboring vertebrae (bones of the spine) to lie closely together and rub against each other upon quick movement. Rapid stretching of ligaments may cause a snapping noise, especially when there is sufficient force in the opposite direction, possibly from severe muscle spasm. Adhesions in the joints may also cause a clicking noise during twisting and turning the head as it impairs the movement. The most common cause of a clicking sound is neck muscle spasm, usually of the trapezius muscle of the back or sternocleidomastoid muscle of the neck. I have been suffering from this clicking sound around back region of head and neck and sometimes the pain radiates to the temples and forehead.

In most cases, the clicking sound is a result of tight neck muscles causing the vertebrae to rub against each other during certain movements. Usually the strain on the vertebrae is caused by spasm (knots or cramps) of the trapezius muscle of the back or the sternocleidomastoid muscle of the neck. It is a result of a a force causing a temporary vacuum within the joint, which then collapses and causes a clicking noise. Loss of water and electrolytes causes muscle cramping and the spam may persist until the fluid and salt levels in the body are restored to normal levels.
While there may be no other symptoms present apart from a clicking neck sound, with time the persistent muscle spasm will lead to headaches, neck or upper back pain. Even been to a Professional and Licensed Chiropractor for almost 1 year and still had no idea what was going on with me.

By attempting to move your head in the opposite direction, against the pull of the spasm, a clicking sound may be heard. My neck was lock after sleeping (probably in a bad position), I forced to turn my head in the morning because I need to drive and that began my neck clicking problem since the last 5 years. Just knowing what caused this, it being harmless, and the suggested solutions is all I needed.

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