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After doctors warned him the tinnitus could end his musical career, he began wearing earplugs at concerts and when he is performing. Meanwhile, Martin's wife Gwyneth's mother Blythe Danner revealed in an interview with the Daily Mail that she used to wear earplugs at Coldplay concerts.
Chris Martin has revealed that he has been suffering from tinnitus for the past 10 years as he lends his support to a campaign encouraging music fans to use earplugs.

The singer is one of the stars who are promoting the Action On Hearing Loss campaign, which will be giving out earplugs at this weekend’s Camden Crawl festival in London. It’s Tinnitus Awareness Week in the UK and VICE posted an excellent article detailing the joy, also known as the hell, of dealing with tinnitus, the constant ringing heard in an ear or ears even when no sound is present.

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