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Some studies show that people who play video and computer games more than seven hours a week sleep more poorly than those who don’t. Hops don’t only work to create beer, but are also great for creating that lethargic feeling you need for sleep. Use an L-theanine supplement nightly to improve your alertness during the day and your quality of sleep at night.
Try not to fall asleep with regular headphones in, as these may slip around and become painful or annoying against your ears and face as you sleep. If you are ADHD, don't count numbers it will make your Brin focus on that activity and it will keep you from sleep. Don't vary your sleeping time, if you change it, you'll find it much harder to sleep and wake up.
Play a realistic crackling fireplace noise in the background; this is comforting and may soothe you to sleep.
Long-term sleep deprivation can have a variety of health consequences, including reduced longevity. Meet HelperT2895, a medical student from India who has been active on wikiHow for over 2 years.
Launder your sheets at least once a week -- people tend to sleep better on crisp, clean sheets. If lavender isn't your thing, there are other relaxing and calming scents you can experiment with in your quest for sleep. You could also just find a cd with some relaxing music, or even sounds from nature, and leave that softly playing in the background as you sleep.
You can enhance the sleep-inducing qualities of your bath even further by adding a couple of drops of your favorite essential oil, such as lavender or chamomile oil, to the water. Some people find writing in a journal very therapeutic, as it helps them to get any problems or issues out of their mind and on paper instead. Simple word or number games, such as sudoku or crossword puzzles can be a pleasant nighttime activity which can help tire out your brain before sleep.
Chlor Trimeton, a type of antihistamine, is another supplement that causes drowsiness and can help with sleeping problems. Try to exercise early in the day, if possible, as exercising in the three hours before bedtime can leave you too pumped to sleep. Over time, this will allow your internal body clock to naturally recognize when it's time to go to sleep, helping you to fall asleep faster.
Wear a sleeping mask when going to sleep to shut out all light, if that is the sort of thing that helps you. To fall asleep, your body increases levels of hormones which induce sleepiness as it gets darker outside. If you fit that criteria and have chronic poor sleep, try cutting down on your gaming time. Raising the temperature of your skin increases those feelings of sleepiness and makes your journey to deep sleep happen a bit faster.
If you sleep on your back, your airways are blocked off and increase your likelihood for snoring.
This is one of the oldest cures for insomnia; it helps both the speed at which you fall asleep and the quality of your sleep. This is the hormone responsible for inducing the feelings of sleep you have when it gets dark outside.

There is nothing more frustrating than trying to sleep while a car alarm goes off or your neighbor’s dog barks.
Studies show that using lavender essential oils helps to relax the body and create a comfortable surrounding for sleep. Going to bed and waking up at the same times every day helps your body to know when it should get tired.
If you have difficulty falling asleep because of a sleeping partner that you share a bed with, talk to them about your difficulties.
If you have chronic difficulties falling asleep, you may have clinical insomnia or sleep apnea. Remove all distractions on the floor and surrounding room around you and get into the most comfortable sleeping position. Black is a boring color, so it will calm you and make you bored, therefore making you sleep faster. If you can't fall asleep fast with at-home solutions, talk to your doctor about an over-the-counter or prescription sleep aid. It can be an extremely frustrating problem, as it reduces your sleeping hours and can leave you feeling tired and grumpy the next day. Sleeping in a hot room is a recipe for twisted sheets and feverish dreams, whereas a cool, dark environment will help you to fall asleep faster and sleep better. Darkness helps your brain to process the fact that it's time for sleep, causing it to release hormones that induce sleepiness.
You want your brain to identify your bedroom as a place of peace and sleep, not one of work and play.
If you find your bed uncomfortable, it's hardly a wonder that you have trouble getting to sleep. Something as simple as a whiff of essential oil can help your body relax and your mind drift off to dreamland. Try not to sleep with earphones in though, as these can become uncomfortable or get tangled while you sleep. Although eating a heavy meal right before bed isn't such a good idea, tummy rumbles are even worse for preventing sleep, so try to avoid going to bed hungry. Many people enjoy the sensation of freedom and comfort that comes with sleeping nude, particularly on hot nights. Doing a few simple stretches before bed can help to release tension from your muscles and relax your body for sleep. Reading, writing and simple game playing can help you to unwind before bed by releasing stress and distracting you from thinking about other issues. Progressive muscle relaxation is a tried and tested physical relaxation technique which reduces muscle fatigue, helping you to fall asleep faster. Music or recordings of peaceful sounds can be extremely effective for distracting yourself and allowing your mind to wander off to sleep. There are several kinds of supplements available in drug and health food stores which can help boost the level sleep-producing hormones in your system.
A good strenuous workout 3 to 4 times a week can help you to fall asleep as soon as your head hits the pillow, while also significantly improving the quality of your sleep. Setting up a well-defined sleep schedule can really help to regulate your sleeping patterns. If none of the above suggestions seem to be working and you fear you may be suffering from insomnia or sleep apnea, it might be time to make an appointment with a doctor or therapist.

Your body will try digest the food while you are trying to sleep, which will make falling asleep a lot harder. During the time of sleep we remember many things we had to do and have to do, we must overcome this and do not think anything, our mind should be totally relaxed.
Take a hot bath or shower for thirty minutes before bedtime and reap the sleepy benefits they provide. They trick your body into thinking it is too early in the day for sleep, and prevent an increase in hormones responsible for sleepiness. Sleep on your sides to cut down the likelihood of snoring throughout the night, and encourage your partner to do the same if it is a problem for them too. Be sure to use the bathroom just before you go to bed; a constant need to pee will prevent you from going to sleep and thoughts of being too tired or cold to get up and go can simply cause you to stay awake even longer. However, doing so can alter your sleep cycle and make it harder for you to fall asleep at your true bedtime. With a busy work schedule and social life this task can seem difficult, but regulating your sleep schedule will be incredibly beneficial to you and your health in the long run. If they snore, touch you too much, don’t touch you enough, or any other variety of reasons, try to come up with a reasonable solution so that you can fall asleep fast.
If you are concerned about your health as a result of your sleep, visit your doctor or a psychologist and discuss possible tests and options.
Passively watching them will help you fall asleep faster and lead to hypnagogic illusions, which are random images that are the 'fabric' of sleep. Luckily, there are many things you can do to relax the body and mind, and to improve your ability to fall asleep faster in both the short-term and long-term. Avoid pajamas that are too tight, made from uncomfortable materials or have buttons that will stick into you as you sleep. It requires enough mental concentration to distract you from thinking about anything else, but it's also quite boring, which is good for inducing sleep. Getting them out of your head and onto paper will ease your transition into sleep and help your dreams to be less anxiety-filled as well. A cup of warm milk with honey, chamomile, or peppermint tea is great for helping you to fall asleep fast. Try eating dinner at least three hours before you go to bed; this will prevent digestion from interfering with your need to sleep. Firstly, having a bath will reduce stress and help you to clear your mind of the worries of the day, which are responsible for keeping you awake at night.
Drink a soothing chamomile or passionflower tea, or a glass of warm milk which contains the sleep-inducing hormone melatonin.
There are specific pieces of music which are thought to aid sleep––do an online search for the many possible types to find one that suits your needs. He says that wikiHow is fun, and it’s rewarding to know that you help countless people get through something they find difficult. Light-blocking curtains can be extra beneficial when combined with closed blinds for improved sleep speed.

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