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A Piping Pilot Study was performed to assess the capability of detection and sizing linear defects (EDM notches and fatigue cracks), as part of Performance Demonstration Initiative for CANDU Reactor Ultrasonic Inspection. The present study was performed with regular mono-crystal probes of 12.7-mm diameter, used in combination with shear waves wedges of 45 and 60 degrees and longitudinal wave wedges of 70 degrees. Table 5 and Figure 14summerized the notch detection capability of shear waves and creeping waves located in counterbore region, root, misalignment and suck-back.

Table 5: Summary of ultrasonic results for shear waves and creeping waves in detection and sizing notches located in test pieces with variable shapes.
Phased array L-waves of 3.5 MHz detected and sized the EDM notch using the back-tip (right of Figure 17). The capability and limitations of tip-echo back-scattering technique and creeping waves-mode converted technique was assessed on a large variety of piping and pressure vessel samples with OD x t = 100 mm x 6 mm - 1,200 mm x 36 mm for carbon steel ASTM 106 Gr.B, austenitic steel ASTM 308 and dissimilar welds between carbon steel and stainless steel.

The population of samples with EDM notches, fatigue and SCC cracks ranges from OD x t = 100 mm x 6 mm to straight bars and piping coupons OD x t = 625 mm x 38 mm.

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