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But like Dan Rayburn, I would prefer a conversation directly with the technology stakeholders.
First, there was the town that wanted to balance the display of a public Christmas tree with a public Hanukkah menorah (Editor’s Tip: Get rid of both. A women’s right to choose the disposition of her body, her womb and her unborn baby (or ‘fetal parts’, depending on your ilk) should be supreme and inviolate—until a child is born and is breathing apart from the mother. Sure, a fetus is viable and every bit as human just before birth, but a mother doesn’t abort at a late stage with callous recklessness.
But not every single component of the Apple world is invented within and built just for Apple.
The problem is that whenever a Windows or Linux user tries to help an Apple user with even the smallest thing, they are thwarted by a culture of paternalistic design arrogance that goes beyond the things that benefit Apple users. To explain and illustrate this point, I am posting an exchange that I had with two other iPhone users within an authorized Apple support forum. But, I think that it is reasonable to raise a flag and warn consumers that this brilliant design company thwarts users with picky and sophomoric traps, not just to ensure profit, but more specifically to control their long term experience. Perhaps the biggest problem with this arrogance, is that it prevents many geeks from helping friends and family, because the design decisions are so terribly mis-cued and antithetical to popular standards. In the next few days, I will summarize this Wild Duck post and probably end with some uber-pithy observation.

Fiat currency is backed by the knowledge that your national government will demand tax payments in kind.
They stand to enjoy a stunning return with a more reasonable model (reasonable on the Laffer curve and reasonable in implementation architecture). I am less concerned with how the enemies of Planned Parent spin this video than I am with how it perceived by it’s supporters.
For the most part, my family, friends and colleagues used Windows PCs and gadgets that played nicely with Windows applications.
According to Apple tech support there is no way of doing this unless it’s with music purchased through iTunes or stored with iCloud (I don’t do either). As I pointed out above, there typically comes a time when successful companies must begin complying with popular standards. Ellery and AWildDuck received no money or consideration for this article—and has had no contact with the company as of the publishing date. It is a pure supply-demand currency and a pure 2-sided network—completely unfettered by the chaff that comes with central banks and national treasuries. But according to one industry analyst, the lawyers have not consulted with streaming services, and their licensing model is completely unworkable. And they want a share of every video that is processed or streamed with a consumer standard.

I don’t really care to debate your faith or my background—I just don’t feel that any reasonable and representative government should recognize, support, defend or lie in bed with any religions, period. Anyone who participates, contributes or sympathizes with the so-called Islamic Caliphate SO-oo-o needs to be dragged out and shot. Some of my friends had proprietary gadgets with an interface by Blackberry or a particular wireless carrier like Verizon, but these devices rarely interfaced with a PC except to send or receive media content. They have mastered the art of product engineering and especially the ability to imbue gadgets across their product lines with an exhilarating user interface. Sure, Apple has given a nod to USB, Wi-Fi and they use off the shelf drive memory technology within their products. But the deal stopper is the effort to collect with a requisite fractional-calculation of the sales, rental and share-allocated revenue. We simply believe that incredibly difficult and personal medical decisions belong with family and physicians rather than government. Attempting to help a child with an iPhone perform the same task, I identify with the user and await an answer from a full-fledged Apple user.

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