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Many experts previously believed that strict vegetarians were the primary group that could develop a vitamin B12 deficiency. Vitamin B12 deficiency and depletion are much more common than previously thought, especially in the over-60 population.
Contrary to what you might have heard, there's really no solid evidence that supplemental vitamin B12 helps you lose weight. I recently visited India which is primarily a vegetarian based culture and current studies there show about 80% of the adults are deficient in vitamin B12. However the main cause of vitamin B 12 deficiency is a term researchers call food-cobalamin malabsorption syndrome. Even though cyanocobalamin B12 is probably the most popular form of B12 in supplements, I don't believe it's the most effective.
Studies suggest that 10% to 30% of patients taking Metformin show evidence of reduced vitamin B12 absorption. With that said, the form of vitamin B12 I'm recommending does NOT come as a pill, tablet, capsule, gelcap, or liquid.
Remember -- only a small fraction of this crucial vitamin gets absorbed through your gut when you take it in a pill, tablet, capsule, or gelcap. In other words, analogs get created when crystalline B12 interacts with other nutrients in multivitamin products, such as vitamin C, iron and copper -- increasing your body's need for B12. Suggested Use: As a dietary supplement, adults take 6 sprays daily, or as directed by your healthcare professional.
SUGGESTED USE: Adults, as a dietary supplement, shake before use, and take six (6) sprays an hour before bedtime as needed.

I am so confident that you will be more than satisfied with your purchase of Vitamin B-12 Energy Booster* Spray, I am providing a Lifetime Satisfaction Guarantee! A: Even though cyanocobalamin B12 appears to be the most popular form of B12 in supplements, I don't believe it's the most effective. It is, in my opinion, always best to take a balanced approach and to make sure you're including good sources of other B vitamins in your diet, too, such as biotin, thiamine, riboflavin, and niacin. Scientists found women who took the supplements suffered just as many hot flushes, headaches and sleepless nights as those who took a placebo.
Water soluble vitamins, such as the B vitamins, aren't stored in the body, and need to be replaced regularly.
Also known as retinol, vitamin A is essential for healthy skin, bones, teeth and mucous membranes. Vitamin B-3, known as niacin, is essential for healthy skin, hair, eyes and a healthy liver. In fact, it's believed that almost one in four people over 60 have deficient levels of this vital vitamin.
The two ways that you become deficient in vitamin B12 are from not getting enough in your diet and from losing the ability to absorb it.
Specifically the lining of your stomach gradually loses its ability to produce hydrochloric acid which releases vitamin B12 from your food. Vitamin B12 Energy Booster* Spray provides an easy and efficient way to get vitamin B12 since you simply spray it in your mouth.
But before you rush out and spend a lot of money on the latest advertised cure, or risk any side effects from sleeping medications, first make sure you’re meeting your body’s vitamin requirements.

Vitamins that are fat soluble, such as vitamin D or A, are stored in the body, and are eliminated more slowly. Vitamins are most effective when consumed through foods, but supplementation is an option if you feel your diet is lacking. The use of antacids or anti-ulcer drugs will also lower your stomach acid secretion and decrease your ability to absorb vitamin B12. This typically results when your stomach lining loses its ability to produce intrinsic factor which is a protein that binds to vitamin B12 and allows your body to absorb it at the end of your small intestine.
So be aware of your consumption of fat soluble vitamins, since it is possible to get too much of them.
Infection with Helicobactor pylori, a common contributor to stomach ulcers, can also result in vitamin B12 deficiency.
And oral forms of B12 in nearly all supplements are practically useless, as little is absorbed into your bloodstream.
Those with limited exposure and spotty diets can take a supplement, but should do so carefully. Endocytic receptors and proteins responsible for vitamin B12 intestinal absorption include cubilin (CUBN), amnionless (AMN), receptor-associated protein (RAP) and megalin (LRP-2).
Lysosomal-mediated degradation of TCII and subsequent release of free cbl is essential for vitamin B12 metabolic functions.

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