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Vitamin b12 deficiency tinnitus, sleep issues 15 month old - Reviews

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Countless scientific studies have shown a high correlation between vitamin B12 deficiency and tinnitus ear ringing. But what many patients of vitamin B12 deficiency don’t realize- because their doctors haven’t warned them- is that in addition to hearing problems, their risk for heart disease, and stroke are also higher, due to a common denominator of vitamin B12 deficiency- elevated homocysteine. An overabundance can have toxic effects on your system, resulting in homocysteine toxicity, which has been found to increase your risk for cardiovascular disease, stroke, and tinnitus hearing disorder caused by peripheral neuropathy.
Similarly, elderly individuals with hearing loss and tinnitus are more likely to have elevated homocysteine than their peers with normal hearing.
To date, the only known way to prevent symptoms of homocysteine toxicity is by controlling your vitamin B12 levels.

Vitamin B12 enhances peripheral nerve cell communication, for healthy hearing, eyesight, cognitive balance, and muscle control.
Vitamin B12, along with folic acid and vitamin B6, helps your body digest homocysteine, keeping amino acids to a safe, normal level, and preventing symptoms that impair your hearing, heart health, and memory.
Only supplementation of essential B vitamins, particularly vitamin B12 can effectively reduce excess homocysteine and put you back on the right track for hearing and heart health. Recommended dosage is at least 1,000mg of vitamin B12, 400mcg of folic acid, and 100mg of vitamin B6 as needed. When vitamin B12 goes down, homocysteine levels go up, increasing your risk for heart attack, stroke, and hearing loss problems such as tinnitus.

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