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Very noisy ears, best natural remedies for depression - Review

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The human ear is very sensitive and the slightest disturbance in any part of the structure of the ear can cause problems.
Damage to the ear does not always mean hearing loss, ringing in the ears or the physical and psychological sensitivity to some sounds are also classified as damage to the ear. This condition is a slight feeling of temporary hearing loss due to noise that is very loud. Sometimes it can get very noisy—noisy in your inbox, noisy in your head, noisy in your market, noisy in your office, noise noise noise. It's very tempting to try and listen to 'everything' and 'everyone' to get as much know-how and feedback as you can, but too much can be deafening and mean you can't hear what's important to you and what's not.

If it's noisy in your head, take a break—go for a walk, a swim, meditate, stare out the window, or do that little job or task that's nagging at you noisily so it goes quiet.
Noise is good if it's energising and supporting you doing your Thing—if the market is cheering you on, and your voice is being heard, that's great noise. First, a loud noise could potentially cause physical damage to the ear, which can cause hearing problems. There's usually more 'noise' coming from your filing that's not done, and your piles of books you've not read than there is actual noise. Exposure routine that lasts longer than 1 minute can cause permanent hearing loss although only once exposed to noise that is very loud.

Sound with noise levels of 85-90 decibels over are also potentially able to damage the ear.
And I'm not asking you to take a vow of silence and go all 'Zen' (unless you want to), but do recognise that a minute or more of mindfulness to quash the noise will make you so much better at doing your Thing.

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