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Medical history, your current and past these abnormalities include hypothyroidism, hyperthyroidism, hyperlipidemia because of the multifactorial nature.


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I consider fatigue caused by sinus and nasal issues to be the most common cause of otherwise unexplained chronic fatigue. Two points are evident from this study: The lack of anemia does not rule out iron deficiency as a cause of fatigue.
Occasionally low thyroid causes fatigue despite a normal TSH—the usual screening test for low thyroid.
A note of caution: The vast majority of individuals with unexplained fatigue and very minor arthritis symptoms do not have positive blood tests for arthritic diseases. Occasionally a person may have unexplained fatigue due to a liver problem in the absence of abnormal screening liver function tests.
As mentioned before, the best screening tests to determine if, what appears to be unexplained fatigue, is actually caused by a medical problem are the erythrocyte sedimentation rate (ESR) and the C-reactive protein. The ESR and CRP won’t tell you the cause of the problem but do let you know that there is a problem.
A CEO whose fatigue, disordered sleep and chest tightness reduce her effectiveness and efficiency.

If it is MVP Dysautonomia they can be relieved that there is a real cause for these symptoms.
I’ll describe the evidence for this opinion later but, for now, let’s consider some medical causes that can be missed.
Usually an iron deficiency, if severe enough, causes anemia but this study was limited to patients with mild iron deficiency, enough to be noted when examining the blood specifically for iron stores but not enough to cause anemia.
Prior to this study physicians usually thought that iron deficiency would not cause fatigue if the deficiency was not severe enough to cause anemia. Almost always the severity of the arthritic disease seems quite proportionate to the complaint of fatigue. The absence of ESR or CRP abnormalities does not mean that the cause of fatigue is not physical. The iron stores must be measured as “ferritin” a simple and inexpensive blood test but one not always done when evaluating a person for fatigue.
In these cases treating the person as if the individual did have a serious arthritis disease does not improve the fatigue.

However, when these tests are elevated a physical cause of fatigue becomes much more likely. A person might have rheumatoid arthritis with minor joint problems but have significant fatigue. In short, arthritis blood tests in the setting of unexplained fatigue are often a “red herring,” but not always. Davies described the fundamental physiological pattern that defines the illness, then as a biochemist made fundamental discoveries of the changes in the adrenaline system that cause these patients to be supersensitive.

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