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Trouble concentrating and focusing at work, stop ringing in ears from concert - Reviews

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Being even slightly dehydrated is enough to cause moodiness, problems concentrating, headaches and fatigue, a new study has concluded. Researchers controlled levels of hydration in 25 women, and measured the effects on mood and cognition to make the link. Lieberman recruited 25 women between ages 20 and 25 to participate in three days of testing over three months.

The new research, she said, can help understand how these requirements vary between people, and how to recognize the signs of early dehydration. On one day, the women exercised, and the researchers gave them sufficient water to replace the fluid lost through sweat. They also reported feeling that it was harder to get work done on those days, said Lieberman, as well as having more headaches, fatigue and confusion than they did on the day they were sufficiently hydrated.

And on the third test day, the women not only exercised without sufficient water, but also took a diuretic pill.

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