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A year ago, we published one of our most popular findings – 6 surprisingly effective treatments for depression. This chart is based on 4,956 people with depression who participated in CureTogether surveys, compared to 944 people last year.
Another new thing on this chart: alcohol was added as a treatment, and was rated to make depression worse instead of better. The top right quadrant shows the most popular and effective treatments, and the top left quadrant shows treatments that not many people have tried but that have above-average effectiveness, so they may be options to think about (e.g. Treatments in the lower right quadrant are ones that lots of people have tried but that have below-average effectiveness (e.g. Please tweet, blog, or pass this along to anyone who can benefit or is interested in depression. In no case can alcohol be recommended as definitively helpful as it is shown in many studies it mimics and reinforces symptoms of depression and may lead to severe drinking problems and addiction which makes matters even worse.

You might want to tell people that the severity of depression has not been controlled here.
Following delivery, approximately 13% of new mothers experience a major depressive episode (Wisner et al., 2002).
CureTogether members have been anonymously sharing symptoms and treatments for almost 3 years now. Yes, we are in the process of going through all the submitted treatments and canonicalizing them.
This means that Sertaline might have worked for someone with mild depression and art therapy might have worked for someone who was severely depressed, but there’s no guarantee that Sertaline would have worked for someone who was severely depressed or vice versa.
We are working on subdividing conditions by severity to see how the treatment effectiveness profiles differ.
However, few studies have examined these alternative treatments for depression occurring in the postpartum period.

Papakostas, MD is Director of Treatment-Resistant Depression Studies in the Department of Psychiatry at Massachusetts General Hospital and Associate Professor of Psychiatry at Harvard Medical School in Boston.
If the preliminary data on omega-3 fatty acids' positive mood effects are corroborated in larger studies, they will become a safe and healthful treatment option for depression occurring during pregnancy and the postpartum period. Women with a previous history of depression are at a particularly high risk for depression (Wisner et al., 2002).

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