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Treatment options for ptsd, tinnitus ear muffs - Review

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In this weeks installment of The Firewives Guide to PTSD, I’ll be discussing treatment options.
The easiest and cheapest way to help your firefighter through PTSD is to be an open sounding board for them.
At one point, Begin, diagnosed with PTSD shortly after coming home, was taking more than 100 pills a day. Begin’s now launched an online petition asking the feds to change their course on marijuana as a treatment for PTSD.
Last March, Begin saw a civilian doctor and was prescribed medical marijuana for chronic pain, largely caused by the upward of 30 surgeries to the arm and elbow that he’d had since 2004. Begin suspects that marijuana would work for other veterans, and it’s an idea that animal studies, human trials with synthetics and myriad anecdotal reports already reinforce.

Mine has PTSD from the Army and every once in a while a call will put him in a funk and having a spouse willing to listen to him, talk it through and not judge him is our best therapy. Begin was evacuated to Maryland’s Bethesda Naval Hospital after enduring an IED attack that left him with a stump for a right arm. In September, the first-ever study proposed to evaluate marijuana as a potential treatment for PTSD was blocked by officials at the National Institutes on Drug Abuse (NIDA).
During his six-year stint on prescription meds doled out by VA doctors, Begin was largely unemployed and in and out of prison for assault charges and probation violations. Not only did the weed relieve Begin’s aches, but it soothed the anxiety, insomnia, rage and instability he associated with PTSD. But with nary a human study to bolster the idea, it’s unlikely that PTSD will qualify patients for marijuana anytime soon.

I’ve told mine as well like you said Val about being a sounding board for other guys.
With an estimated 37 percent of this generation’s vets afflicted with PTSD, and a dearth of effective treatment options available, Begin thinks pot deserves, at the very least, a single study. Months later, he did the same thing with Klonopin, an anti-anxiety medication, and had his stomach pumped — before being sent home with a new prescription for the same drug. Sadly there are many departments that are still volunteer or too small for the additional treatment options that big departments have.

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