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Treatment options for cancer, tinnitus case studies - Review

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As stated earlier, the treatment of testicular cancer has evolved into one of the most successful in oncology.
Surveillance (expectant management) refers to close monitoring of the tumor until there is a need for further therapy (surgery or chemotherapy). For patients with tumors that have a high risk of spread to the lymph nodes in the abdomen, the doctor may recommend a surgery to remove these lymph nodes.
Although RPLND is commonly performed as the initial treatment, some patients require surgery after completing a course of chemotherapy. Patients with NSGCT without definite spread of the cancer outside of the testicle but with some high risk features on the pathology assessment may be offered an abbreviated regimen of chemotherapy as an alternative to surgery (RPLND).
Even in cases with Stage IV disease, long term control rates can be achieved in 70-80% of patients (typically, stage IV cancers have very low 5 year survival rates).
This approach is generally recommended for patients who do not have any spread of the cancer outside the testicle and whose cancer does not appear to have aggressive features on the pathology assessment.

Explore all prostate cancer treatments including active surveillance, prostatectomy, radiation therapy, …There are many treatment options for advanced prostate cancer. For patients with higher risk tumors, this schedule may involve assessments every 1-2 months for the first year, every 2 months for the second year, and every 3-4 months for the third year. The initial regimen involves either bleomycin, etoposide and cis-platinum for 3 cycles or bleomycin and etoposide for 4 cycles. Kavoussi, provides the very best in comprehensive urologic care on Long Island and the New York area, including minimally-invasive treatment of the prostate, bladder, and kidneys. Before any patient elects for surveillance, he must be willing to commit to the follow up schedule. Following the chemotherapy regimen, repeat CT scans are obtained to assess the response of the cancer to the treatment.
If the cancer grows back after radiation, chemotherapy can then be administered with very good results.

The primary two factors that are involved in the decision making are the pathology (seminoma versus NSCGT) and the stage of the disease (the extent to which the cancer has spread). If, however, there are other organs that continue to show cancer, the doctor will likely recommend additional courses of chemotherapy. Once the lymph nodes have been removed, the pathologist can determine if the cancer has spread into the nodes.

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