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Pregnancy insomnia can occur at any point during pregnancy, but it’s more common during the last few months, when changes to the body are at their most extreme.
While doctors don’t distinguish this form of insomnia from conventional sleeplessness, pregnant insomnia sufferers tend to have a number of causes in common. All insomnia is characterized by an inability to get good quality sleep or enough hours of sleep total. Back pain – Many people suffer from back pain due to the difference in weight distribution and posture that occurs during pregnancy.
Heartburn – During pregnancy, the uterus expands and compresses the stomach and esophagus, making painful acid reflux more common. Anxiety – The hormonal changes that occur during pregnancy can cause a significant increase in the brain chemicals responsible for anxiety and depression.

Frequent, vivid dreams – Many pregnant patients find that changes in their hormones also cause them to dream vividly. Frequent urination – Uterine expansion can also compress the bladder and kidneys, causing pregnant patients to wake repeatedly in the night to use the bathroom. Treatment for this form of insomnia usually focuses on easing discomfort and targeting the symptoms, since the causes are difficult to treat.
Heartburn is another problem that commonly occurs during pregnancy, and it can be quite severe.
While there are self-treatment options for insomnia during pregnancy, as outlined above, it is important to discuss this condition with an obstetrician at regular OB appointments, because it could be a sign of another condition that may be developing, such as restless legs syndrome and breathing disorders. As much as 80 percent of patients suffer from this problem at some point during their pregnancies.

These are all based on physical and hormonal changes that occur during the pregnancy, so insomnia tends to be at its worst when patients are nearing term and those changes are most severe. Most people who have insomnia for more than a few days quickly turn to medications, but many sleep drugs come with serious side effects.

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