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Often times, many people refer to this condition as TMJ - when in fact they are really referring to the physical Temporomandibular Joint itself, rather than the actual condition TMD (Temporomandibular Joint Disorder). Osteoarthritis is a degenerative joint disorder involving progressive loss of cartilage and formation of new bone at a joint’s surface, causing stiffness and pain. If you are leading a stress free life, congratulations, you are less likely to have force related symptoms in your head, neck and jaw.
Our program at Star Ranch Dental in Plano utilizes the latest equipment and technologies available to patients suffering from TMJ disorder today. If you feel like you may be suffering from TMJ disorder (TMD) the first step is to schedule a TMJ Therapy consult with Dr. In less than five minutes when using our technology, we can determine whether your symptoms may be the result of forces from the nerves, muscles and ligaments. Ultrasound TMJ therapy which helps bring the blood circulation back into the strained or sore muscles and will increase blood flow. Alpha-Stim treatment, which is a micro-current unit that focuses on the trigger points again by going directly to the nerve to release the muscles. Star Ranch Dental in Plano, TX offers TMJ treatments to patients in Plano, Frisco, and all of North Dallas. Star Ranch Dental is a Plano cosmetic dentist and general dentist specializing in teeth whitening, sedation dentistry, clear braces, TMJ, veneers and more.

In and around your jaw, your head and neck or even in your ears (including ringing in your ears, called tinnitus) – this type of discomfort and chronic pain can be, and is often, caused by various complications involving your Temporomandibular Joints. For the other 99% of the world, stress and poor posture (such as from sitting in front of a computer for hours) can result in many of the symptoms outlined above. The painless, computer guided analysis measures bite force and jaw action while in motion, a true and telling movie of your bite in process!
Current symptoms may have been created years ago by an event long since forgotten or dismissed as minor.
Barnett places a high focus on TMJ disorder, and ways to help patients cope with the associated pain and discomfort.
This will include a head and neck exam, panoramic x-ray, computerized bite analysis, range of motion assessment, diagnosis and treatment plan. The resulting digital, graphic report literally will show you where there may be abnormal forces or imbalances which could be the cause of certain symptoms.
Don’t delay – most of our TMJ patients feel drastically improved after only their first treatment! Head, neck or jaw trauma can cause stretching or tearing of the ligaments and muscles along with other unseen and often undiagnosed force imbalances and impairments.
The different materials within your mouth can cause improper alignment of the teeth and forces the muscles and tendons to work harder to compensate for the imbalances.

The technology is so advanced that it actually determines and calculates the bite force and motion on an individual, tooth by tooth basis and the timing of those forces! Treatment for TMJ disorder may be covered by your medical insurance – we can provide you with the information needed to file. As we age, joints and cartilage also are reduced in thickness changing angles and forces within the overall dentomandibular region. At the completion of the exam, we will then be able to describe a pathway to care which will provide a lasting resolution to resolve your TMJ disorder symptoms. As you grow older, your teeth and bite change, potentially causing many of the symptoms which can be treated.
Barnett looks at the whole mouth and other factors they may relate to the patient’s TMJ problems (TMD).

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