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Treatment for hearing loss due to cold, ways to help sleep paralysis - Try Out

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To request an appointment at NYOG by email, please give us your contact information in the form below and we will get back to you shortly with available dates. For over 17 years, the NYOG has specialized in the ear, nose and throat, and ranks among the country's leading diagnostic and treatment centers for otolaryngology-related illnesses. Ear infections (Otitis Media) are the most common childhood illness for which antibiotics are prescribed. Ear infections are often the result of a cold, which spreads and settles in the middle ear, and can be the result of both bacteria and viruses. Blockage of the eustachian tube during a cold, allergy, or upper respiratory infection, and the presence of bacteria or viruses lead to a build-up of pus and mucusbehind the eardrum. If your child experiences multiple episodes of acute otitis media within a short time, or hearing loss, or chronic otitis media lasts for more than three months, your physician may recommend referral to an otolaryngologist for placement of ventilation tubes, also called pressure-equalization (PE) tubes. Remember, without proper treatment, damage from an ear infection can cause chronic or permanent hearing loss.

NYOG physicians have consistently been recognized among the city's foremost doctors within their areas of specialization. Fluid accumulates in the middle ear, causing inflammation and pressure.Symptoms can include fever, piercing pain, trouble hearing, dizziness and fluid drainage.
Hearing loss, especially in children, may impair learning capacity and even delay speech development. Staffed by an exceptional team of board-certified physicians and specialists, the NYOG adheres to a comprehensive disease management approach to ensure its patients receive the best possible care of their sinus, head and neck, hearing and balance, speech and swallowing, and sleep apnea conditions.
Ear infections can sometimes clear up on their own, but if symptoms persist for several days, see your doctor. However, if it is treated promptly and effectively, hearing can almost always be restored to normal. Other medications that your doctor may prescribe include an antihistamine (for allergies), a decongestant (especially with a cold), or both.

There is usually an improvement in hearing and a decrease in further infections with PE tube placement. More commonly, however, the pus and mucus remain in the middle ear due to the swollen and inflamed eustachian tube.
Often after the acute infection has passed, the effusion remains lasting for weeks, months, or even years. This condition allows frequent recurrences of the acute infection and may cause difficulty in hearing.

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